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■About us Xinyitong Translation

XINYITONG Translation Limited provides subtitling translation solutions that enable production companies to make their existing audio visual programs readable for foreign language audiences without replacing the original soundtrack. XINYITONG can provide original translation subtitling, re-cueing and editing of previously existing subtitle files, and spotting and continuity scripts into and from over 30 languages for a wide variety of media, including:

  • Film
  • Video
  • DVD
  • Television
  • TV Commercials
  • Corporate presentations
  • In-flight videos

Quality Translation and Transcription
Our extensive resources mean we can deliver high-quality high-volume projects within tight deadlines and with uniform standards of quality. All subtitling work adheres to rigorous quality guidelines, including the selection of the most appropriate translators for the project, several levels of language and technical quality control for every line of text and compliance with subtitling conventions for the target territory. The result is a competent, enjoyable and accurate version of the original material, fully compatible with the clients' system requirements.

Captioning Services
XINYITONG Translations also has considerable experience in open & closed real-time and off-line captioning, in compliance with your local regulations. XINYITONG can work with clients to ensure cost-effective and efficient compliance with government-mandated standards.

Contact Us
For a quote, to place an order or request more information about XINYITONG's subtitling translation solutions, please contact us any time. Use XINYITONG's audio visual translation to take your audio visual presentations beyond the domestic market place.

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