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■About us Xinyitong Translation

Xinyitong has been localizing videogames and providing technical translation services for the gaming industry for over twelve years. We have localized many game titles for the PlayStation®, Dreamcast®, Game Boy Advance®, Nintendo DS® and Xbox™, in addition to PC-based games.

The following is a selection of recent titles localized by Oriental Diligence.

·   Catz (2005)

·   Cy Girls (2003)

·   Dogz (2005)

·   Enchanted Arms (2006)

·   Feudal-era game (2006)

·   Lost Magic (2005)

·   Lunar Genesis (2005)

·   Samurai game (2005)

·   SLAI? Phantom Crash (2005)

·   Survival Zone (2004)

·   Tokyo Extreme Racer (2005)

Unlike conventional localization companies and so-called translation agencies, our game localization process takes advantage of a proprietary process that we developed specifically for game localization. This unique process is the result of years of experience in the industry and leverages our strengths in human translation, workflow technology, and proprietary game localization tools for QA and terminology management.

The result is a higher-quality product, lower total title development cost and accelerated time-to-market. A higher quality product means significantly fewer problems with the translation, allowing for a shorter testing and update cycle and enabling your title to be delivered to market that much faster.

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