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  Simultaneous Interpreting  

■About us Xinyitong Translation

As a specialized interpretation service company, our interpreters boast rich experiences in professional interpretation for decades of years:

We provide simultaneous interpretation services for local, intra-provincial/state, inter-regional and international bilingual and multilingual conferences including plenary session or several simultaneous interpretation booth in the fields of local or social affairs, laws, medicine, technology, insurance, finance, engineering and machinery.

We'll select most suitable interpreters for your conference in consideration of your requirements and can also make best suggestions for your plan and rear-service works. In linguistics you can have full confidence in our first-class service, advanced equipment and rich experiences.

Simultaneous Interpretation for International Conferences

- Bidirectional simultaneous interpretation between English and Chinese
- Bidirectional simultaneous interpretation between French and Chinese
- Bidirectional simultaneous interpretation between Japanese and Chinese
- Bidirectional simultaneous interpretation between Korean and Chinese
- Bidirectional simultaneous interpretation between Mongolian and Chinese

Advanced Interpretation Services

- News Conference (consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting)
- Negotiation Interpretation (consecutive interpretation)
- Classroom Interpretation (consecutive interpretation)
-Reception Interpretation
-Field Interpretation

Our Interpreters

As the language is selected, you may contact our experts at once. They are veterans in their respective specialties and they have been presented in numerous international conferences. They are able to do various interpretations including whispering interpretation, consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation for large conferences. Over the past few years we have set up a powerful team of professional and experienced interpreters, each of whom is well-known to the specialized associations and international organizations. A strong working force and close cooperation will surely fulfill your task with satisfaction.

Our Interpretation Equipments

We'll provide most advanced equipment for your conference and audiences: Danish DIS bilingual or multilingual infra-red receiver, receiving booth of all types and various audio tools. Our professional technicians can respond to any changes at any time and make sure that in each corner of the room, high-quality sound and receiving effects are achieved.

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