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■About us Xinyitong Translation

Talents Wanted




Full-Time Translation

Proficient in Chinese and English with extensive professional aspects. Hard working, initiative, possessing teamwork spirit.


Marketing & Customer Relation Managers

Powerful PR and market exploring skill, excellent in planning. Positive and initiative, beleiving in the concept "Customers are God".

Must be Beijing residents

Full-Time First Grade Translators

Possessing official certificate of First Grade Translators


Part-Time Translation

Experienced translators with one or more specialties


Part-Time Interpretors

Experienced interpretors with fluent spoken languages, mastering one or more specialties


International or Outstation Partners

Excellent in translation in Chinese and foreign language and vice versa; willing to abide by regulations set forth by this company


Methods and requirements for the recruit of part-time translators by XINYITONG Translation Co., Ltd.

1.       You may contact us through XINYITONG vacancy ads, recruitment agencies, company web page, recommendation by friends, or any other means.

2.       Tell us your name, address and mode of contact either by phone, letter, fax or email.

3.       We will then send you registration form in return.

4.       Together with the registration form, we will send you a sample of document for translation. You are required to translate the sample personally before mailing back to us for appraisal by our foreign experts.

5.       If your translation passes our evaluation, you will be appointed for an interview, signing of agreement for cooperation and secrecy oath.

6.   Upon completion of above procedure, you will be assigned to start translating work. After a few trials upon confirmation of your standard, you will become our part-time translator officially       

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