Tennis vocabulary

Player 球员
one of the people involved in playing a game, e.g. tennis player or football player 参与比赛的人,比如网球运动员或者足球运动员

Singles 单打比赛
a two-player game 一场有两个人参加的比赛

Doubles 双打比赛
a four-player game 一场有四人参加的比赛

Serve 发球
a point begins with a player serving the ball. This means one player hits the ball towards the other player. (The serve must be played from behind the baseline and must land in the service box. Players get two attempts to make a good serve.)

Server 发球方
the player who hits the ball first for each point in a game 一局比赛中为得每一分而首先击球的球员

Receiver 接球方
the player who hits the ball back after a serve 接发球将球击回(对方场地)的球员

Ends 端区
each side of the court (that begins with a baseline) 球场的每一边(从底线开始)

Baseline 底线
the line marking the front and back of a tennis court 划分一个网球场前场与后场的线

Net 球网
the piece of material down the middle of the tennis court that divides the court in half 网球场中央将球场一分为二的材料

Sideline 边线
the left and right edges of a tennis court 网球场的左右两边的界限

Bounce 反弹
when a tennis ball hits the ground, it goes back into the air - the ball has bounced. During a match, the ball often becomes less bouncy and needs changing for a new ball 网球击中地面后弹回到空中 - 也就是球反弹。在比赛中,球的反弹力会越来越弱,需要换新球。

Ball boy/girl 球童(男/女)
professional tournaments use young boys or girls to collect tennis balls during a game 专业锦标赛使用少年男孩或女孩在比赛中捡球

Ball change 更换新球
in tournaments the balls are changed after a certain number of games to ensure they stay as bouncy as possible 在锦标赛中每几局比赛过后就会换新球,以确保球保持尽可能好的反弹性能

Service box 发球区
the area where players serve into 球员发球的落点区


Game 局
a player wins a game if, generally, they are the first player to win four points 通常来讲,首先获得四分的球员也就获得了一局比赛的胜利。

Set 盘
Generally, the first player to win six games wins a set 通常,首先赢得六局比赛胜利的球员也就获得了一盘比赛的胜利。

Match 比赛
Usually, in men's tennis, the first player to win three sets wins the match. In women's tennis, the first player to win two sets wins the match 一般来讲,在男子网球中,先赢得三盘比赛的球员赢得整个比赛的胜利。在女子网球中,首先获胜两盘的球员赢得比赛的胜利。

Deuce (局末)平分
if a score gets to 40-40, the score is called deuce - at this stage, the winner of the game is the first player to now win two points in a row

Tiebreak 决胜局 (或‘抢七局')
if both players win 6 games each then there is a tie-break. In a tiebreak, the first player to win seven points, wins the tiebreak (note: like deuce, if both players get to six points, then the winner is the player who now wins two points in a row)

Love 零分
a score of zero points in a game or zero games in a set 在一局或一盘比赛中得零分。

Match point 赛点
a player who only needs one more point to win the match is said to be at match point 当一个球员只需要再得一分就会获得整个比赛的胜利时,他被称为处在赛点。

All 平,双方都
indicates the scores are level. For example, ‘15 all' means that both players have a score of 15 表示得分相等。例如,‘15 all'15平,意思是双方得分都是15。

Fault 失误
a serve which hits the net and / or lands outside the service box 发球触网或者球落在发球区之外。

Foot fault 脚误
this happens when a server's foot touches the ground in front of the baseline or the wrong side of the centre mark (on the baseline) before the player hits the ball

Let 触网球
when a serve hits the top of the net and lands within the service box, it is known as a 'let' and the server must serve again


Down-the-line 边线直线球
a shot that travels parallel to and along the sideline 与边线平行并且靠近边线飞行的球。

Drive 抽球
a hard, straight shot often used to pass an opponent at the net 大力、直线击球,常被用来使球越过处在网前的对手。

Drop shot 放小球
a gently played shot that just gets over the net so the other player can't reach it 轻巧的击球,使球刚刚越过球网从而使得对手来不及赶上来回球。

Ground stroke 击触地球
a shot that is made after the ball has bounced 在球触地反弹之后的击球。

Half-volley 反弹球
a shot hit just as the ball bounces 在球落地反弹后立即回击的击球。

Lob 高吊球
a shot played deliberately high into the air to land at the back of the opponent's court

Rally 对打
the exchange of shots between players. A rally starts when the receiver returns serve and ends when the point is won 两个球员之间的来回击球。'对打'从接球员回球开始,到一方得分为止。

Smash 高压球
an overhead shot hit very hard, usually before the ball has bounced 过顶大力击球,通常是在球落地反弹之前。

Stop volley 截停球
a shot that slows the ball down a lot and makes it drop just over the net with very little bounce 使球速大减、刚好过网、并极少反弹的击球。

The player posted his first win 这个球员赢得了他的第一个胜利。
this means that a player has won their first match 这是指一个球员赢得了第一场比赛的胜利。

Convert a point 获得一分
this means that the player won that point 这是指一个球员赢了那一分。

The courts were slow 球场很慢
this means the tennis balls did not travel as fast after they hit the ground 这指的是网球在击中地面之后速度不是很快。

I fancy my chances 我看好我的机会
a player thinks he has a good chance of winning a match against an opponent 一个球员认为他很有机会战胜对手。

The underdog 不被看好的一方
the player that is expected to lose 预计会输的球员。

Hang on in the match 将比赛撑下去
continued to win points to stay in the match even though it looked like the player should lose 继续得分使比赛延续下去,尽管看上去该球员会输掉比赛。


S/he will win because they are hungry for the title 她/他会赢,因为他们渴望摘取桂冠。
if you say this you think that the player really wants to win the title 如果你这样说的话,那么你认为该球员真切希望获得冠军头衔。

My favourite is out 我钟爱的球员已经出局
the person you really wanted to win has lost their match and is out of the tournament 你真心希望获胜的球员已经输掉了比赛,而且已经被淘汰出比赛。

The player is at his peak 该球员处在他的巅峰
if you say a player is at their peak, you mean they are playing at their very best 如果你说一个球员处在巅峰,你是说他们打出了他们的最好水平。

Goran is a legend!! 戈兰是一个传奇人物!
you think this player is very, very good 你认为这个球员非常、非常棒。

Don't write that player off 不要认定那个球员没戏
you think that a player still has a chance of winning, even if they are not playing well 你认为某个球员仍然有获胜的机会,即使他们发挥得不好。

The player has been given an easy draw 这个球员得到了一个上上签。
this means that the player only has to play against easy opponents to get to the final 这是指该球员在通往决赛的道路上只会遭遇容易对付的对手。

That player is out of form 那个球员状态失常

that player is not playing well 那个球员打得不好。


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