《本草纲目》 Compendium of Materia Medica
本垒打 circuit clout, four-master, round trip
本命年 one's year of birth considered in relation to the 12 Terrestrial Branches
奔小康 strive for a relatively comfortable life
笨鸟先飞 A slow sparrow should make an early start.
蹦极 bungee, bungee jumping
避免"大而全"的重复建设 avoid duplicate (duplicated, overlapping) construction of "small and all inclusive projects"
逼上梁山 be driven to drastic alternatives
比较经济学 comparative economics
比上不足,比下有余 worse off than some, better off than many; to fall short of the best, but be better than the worst
闭门羹 given cold-shoulder
边际报酬 marginal return
边缘科学 boundary science
变相涨价 disguised inflation
便携式电脑 portable computer; laptop; notebook computer
标书 bidding documents
表演赛 demonstration match
剥夺冠军 strip the gold medal of somebody
博彩(业)lottery industry
博士生 Ph.D candidate
补缺选举 by-election
补贴与反补贴措施 subsidies and countervailing measures
布达拉宫 Potala Palace
布雷顿森林体系 Bretton Woods system
不败记录 clean record, spotless record
不承诺放弃使用武器 not undertake to renounce the use of force
不打不成交 No discord, no concord.
不到长城非好汉 He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.
不分上下的总统选举结果the neck-and-neck presidential election result
《不见不散》 Be there or be square.
不可再生资源 non-renewable resources
不良贷款 non-performing loan
不夜城 sleepless city, ever-bright city
不正之风 bad (harmful) practice; unhealthy tendency
不准打白条 No illegitimate promissory notes (IOUs)
步行天桥 foot bridge

擦边球 edge ball, touch ball
擦网球 net ball

采取高姿态 show magnanimity
采取市场多元化战略 adopt the strategy of a multi-outlet market
"菜篮子"工程 the "shopping basket' project (program)
参政、议政 participate in the management of State affairs
沧海桑田 Seas change into mulberry fields and mulberry fields change into seas--time brings great changes to the world.
What was once the sea has now changed into mulberry fields--the world is changing all the time.
仓储式超市 stockroom-style supermarket
草根工业 grass root industry (refers to village and township enterprises which take root among farmers and grow like wold grass)
层层转包和违法分保 multi-level contracting and illegal sub-contracting
差额投票 differential voting
差额选举 competitive election
茶道 sado
查房 make/go the rounds of the wards
拆东墙补西墙 rob Peter to pay Paul
拆迁户 households or units relocated due to building demolition
搀水股票 water-down stocks (ordinary stocks that can be bought by persons inside a stock company or a business at a cost lower that their face value)
禅 dhyana
产粮大省 granary province
产量比1997年增加了2倍 the output has increased 3 times (registered a 3-fold increase; increased 200%)compared with 1997
产品结构 product mix
产权明晰、权责明确、政企分开、科学管理 clearly established ownership, well defined power and responsibility, separation of enterprise from administration, and scientific management
产权制度、产权关系 property relations; property order
产销直接挂钩 directly link production with marketing
产业的升级换代 upgrading of industies
产业结构升级 upgrading of an industrial structure
长二捆 LM-2E
长江三角洲 Yangtze River delta
长期共存、互相监督、肝胆相照、荣辱与共 long-term coexistence, mutual supervision, sincere treatment with each other and the sharing of weal or woe
长线产品 product in excessive supply
厂长经理负责制 the factory director (manager) responsibility system
畅通工程 "Smooth Traffic Project"
畅销产品 marketable products; products with good market ;commodities in short supply ; goods in great demand.
唱高调 mouth high-sounding words
超高速巨型计算机 giant ultra-high-speed computer
超前消费 overconsuming, excessive consumption
彻头彻尾的反动政治势力an out and out reactionary political force
城市规划 city's landscaping plan; urban planning
城市中年雅皮士 muppie (一批中年专业人士,附庸风雅,矫揉造作cutesification,崇尚精品至上boutiqueification,攀比银行存款bankification等摆阔作风,由middle-aged urban yuppie缩合而成)
城乡信用社 credit corroborative in both urban and rural areas
吃大锅饭 egalitarian practice of "everybody eating from the same big pot"
吃皇粮 receive salaries, subsidies, or other supported from the government
重复建设 building redundant project; duplication of similar projects
抽杀成功 hit through
筹备委员会 preparatory committee
出风头 show off; in the limelight
出口创汇能力 capacity to earn foreign exchange through exports
出口加工区 export processing zones
出口退税制度 the system of refunding taxes on exported goods; export (tax) rebate
出口退税 refunding export taxes
出口转内销 domestic sales of commodities orginally produced for exports
出家 pravrajana; cloister
传销 multi level marketing
窗口行业 various service trades
创建卫生城市:build a nationally advanced clean city
创汇产品 foreign exchange (hard-currency) earning experts
创业园 high-tech business incubator; pioneer park
吹风会 (advanced) briefing
春蕾计划 Spring Buds Program
春运 (passenger) transport during the Spring Festival
《春秋》 Spring and Autumn Annals
磁悬浮列车 Maglev train (magnetically levitated train), magnetic suspension train
刺激内需 stimulate domestic demand
辞旧迎新 bid farewell to the old and usher in the new; ring out the old year and ring in the new
此地无银三百两 A guilty person gives himself away by consciously protesting his innocence.
从粗放经济转变为集约经济 shift from extensive economy to intensive economy
粗放式管理 extensive management
促进全球经济一体化 foster integration with the global economy
促进富余人员合理流动 promote a rational flow of surplus personnel
促进住房商品化 promote the commercialization of housing
存款保证金 guaranty money for deposits

达到或接近国际先进水平 reach or approach advanced international standards
打破地区封锁和行业垄断 break regional blockades and trade monopolies
"达标"活动 "target hitting" activities
打白条 issue IOU
打黑 crack down on speculation and profiteering

打假 crack down on counterfeit goods
打破僵局 break the deadlock
打顺手 find one's touch, get into gear, settle into a groove
大包干 all-round responsibility system; lump-sum appropriations operation
大轰动 blockbuster
大力扣杀 hammer
大路货 staple goods
大满贯 grand slam
大开眼界 open one's eyes; broaden one's horizon; be an eye-opener
大款 tycoon
大排挡 sidewalk snack booth; large stall
大事化小,小事化了 try first to make their mistake sound less serious and then to reduce it to nothing at all
大胜 white wash
大腕 top notch
大卫教 Branch Davidian
大型电视系列片,长篇电视连续剧 maxi-series
大学生创业 university students' innovative undertaking
大要案 major and serious criminal cases
大专生 junior college student
大专文凭 associate degree
大藏经 Tripitaka
呆帐与坏帐 stagnant debts and bad debts ;non performing funds
带薪分流 assign redundant civil servants to other jobs while allowing them to retain their original rank and benefits
待岗 await job assignment, post-waiting
待业 job-waiting
代职 function in an acting capacity
单循环制 single round-robin system
当日指数已1120点收盘 the index closed finished ended at 120 on that day
党群关系 Party-masses relationship
党政机关 Party and government organizations
道琼斯工业平均指数飙升至9580点 the Dow Jones industrial index average soared to 9580 points
捣浆糊 give the runaround
盗版VCD pirated VCD
盗打(电话) free call on somebody else's expense through illegal means
盗用公款 embezzlement
单刀赴会 start a solo run
倒票 speculative reselling of tickets
倒爷 profiteer
倒计时 countdown

等外品 off-grade goods, rejects
邓小平外交思想 Deng Xiaoping's diplomatic thoughts
低调 low keyed (a metaphor for taking a cautious and slow approach)
第三产业 third/tertiary industry, service sector, third sequence of enterprises
第四产业 quaternary/information industry
第一/第二/第三产业 the primary/secondary/tertiary industry (the service sector)
第三代移动电话(3G手机) third generation mobile; 3G mobile
第一发球权 first inning
第一发球员 first server
第一双打 first pair
地方保护主义 regional protectionism
地方财政包干制 system whereby local authorities take full responsibility for their finances
地球村 global village
地区差异 regional disparity
地热资源 geothermal resources
地市级城市 prefecture-level city
点子公司 consultancy company
电话号码升位 upgrade telephone number
电话会议 teleconference
电视直销 TV home shopping
电子商务认证 e-business certification
吊球 drop shot
吊销执照 revoke license
钉子户 person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project
定向培训 training for specific posts
"豆腐渣"工程 a jerry-built project
毒枭 drug trafficker
毒品走私 drug trafficking
独立核算工业企业 independent accounting unit(enterprise)
"渡假外交" holiday-making diplomacy
短期债务 floating debt
断交信 Dear John letter (from woman to man)
对大中型国营企业进行公司制改革 to corporatize large and medium-sized State-owned
对...毫无顾忌 make no bones about ...
对冲基金 hedge fund
对外招商 attract foreign investment
队长袖标(足球) skipper's armband
多党合作制 multi-party co-operation in exercising State power
多任务小卫星 small multi-mission satellite (SMMS)
夺冠 take the crown

厄尔尼诺 El Nino
恶性肿瘤 malignant tumor
恶性循环 vicious circle
遏制通货膨胀 curb (check, curtail) the inflation

法轮功 Falun Gong Cult
发行股票、债券 issue shares and bonds
发扬优良传统 carry forward the fine traditions
发优惠券以促销 issue discount shopping coupons to promote sales
发展文学艺术、新闻出版、广播影视 develop literature, the arts, the press, publications, radio, film and television; promote literature and art, the press and publishing, radio, film and television
发展新兴产业和高技术产业 develop rising and high-tech industries
发展畜牧业、养殖业、林业 develop animal husbandry (livestock farming), aquaculture and forestry
反对铺张浪费 oppose/combat extravagance and waste
反倾销 anti-dumping
防暴警察 riot police
防止经济过热 prevent an overheated economy (overheating of the economy)
防止国有资产流失 prevent the loss (devaluation) of State assets
防止泡沫经济 avoid a bubble economy too many bubbles in economy)
分流下岗人员争取再就业 redirect laid-off workers for reemployment
扶贫、脱贫 poverty reduction and elimination
妇幼保健 maternity and child care

改革开放和现代化建设的总设计师 the chief architect of China's reform, opening and modernization drive
改进产业结构和产品结构 improve the industrial pattern and product mix
该公司股票已经上市 the stock of the company have been listed (have gone public, have been launched)
赶上或超过国际先进水平 catch up with or even surpass advanced world levels
高举邓小平理论的伟大旗帜 hold high the greater banner of Deng xiaoping Theory
各族人民 people of all nationalities (all ethnic groups)
个体户 self-employed households /people
个人所得税 individual income tax
个体工商业者 individual industrialists and businessman
公务员 public servants; civil servants; government functionaries; government employees
股份合作制 the joint stock cooperative system
股份制 the joint stock system
股票热降温了 the stock craze has abated
股市指数 the stock market (exchange) index
股市指数突破1300点大关 the stock index broke the 1300-poit mark
股指暴跌,跌幅7.8%,以14.3元探底 the index slumped 7.8 percent to 14.3 Yuan
鼓励兼并,规范破产 encourage mergers and standardize bankruptcy procedures
规模经济,减轻就业压力 to ease the pressure of employment (the employment pressure)
国防科技 defense-related science and technology
国际大都市 cosmopolis
国家指定考试 government-mandated test
国家主席/总理/副总理/国务委员/部长/省长/厅、局长/县长/处长/科长/乡长/村民委员会主任 president/premier/vice premier/state councilor/minister/governor/bureau director/county magistrate, county head/department head/ section chief/ head of the township/ chairman of the village committee
国家公务员制度 the system of public services
国内生产总值/国民生产总值 GDP (Gross Domestic Product)/ GNP (Gross National Product)
国事访问 a state visit
恒生指数(香港)宽幅震荡 the Heng Sheng index fluctuated violently
获薄利 earn (make) narrow profits
获厚利 earn (make, reap) substantial profits 

海市蜃楼,镜花水月, 无稽之谈 a mare's nest
海湾战争综合症 the complexities of the Gulf War
函授大学 correspondence university
旱地滑雪场 mock skiing park
汉字处理软件 Chinese character processing software
航母 aircraft carrier
豪赌 unrestrained gambling
好事不出门,恶事传千里 Good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spread far and wide.
好出风头的运动员 exhibitionist, grandstander
好莱坞大片 Hollywood blockbuster
"好球" "Strike"
和服 Kimono
合理引导消费 guide rational consumption
合议庭 collegiate bench
核销 cancel after verification
黑店 gangster inn
黑客 hacker
黑社会 Mafia-style organizations; gangland
宏观调控 macro-control
红包 (中)red paper containing money as a gift, (贬) bribe, kickback
《红楼梦》A Dream in Red Mansions (The Story of the Stone)
红帽子企业 red cap enterprise (refers to the reputation a private enterprise enjoys by becoming attached to a government department and doing business in the name of a state-run or collective-run enterprise)
红细胞生成素 Erythropoietin (EPO)
环太平洋地区 Pacific Rim
后防空虚 leave the defense exposed
后台管理 back-stage management

呼啦圈 hu la hoop
胡子工程 long-drawn-out project (a project which takes so long that young workers become bearded)
虎父无犬子 A wise goose never lays a tame egg.
互动广告 interactive advertisement
户口簿 residence booklet
户口管理制度 domicile system, residence registration system
户主 head of a household
护身法宝 amulet
华表 ornamental column/cloud pillar/stele
华盖 canopy
滑板车 scooter
"坏球" "Ball"
还俗 resume secular life, unfrock
"黄、赌、毒" pornography, gambling and drug abuse and trafficking
黄金时段 prime time
(吃)"皇粮" public grainfunds, goods, etc provided by the government; salary paid by the state
挥棒 swing
挥棒不中 fan
灰色收入 income from moonlighting
汇丰银行 Hong Kong and Shang Hai Banking Corporation
婚介所 matrimonial agency
婚外恋 extramarital love
活到老,学到老 One is never too old to learn.
火炬计划 Torch Program (a plan to develop new and high technology)
货币化 monetization
货币回笼 withdrawal of currency from circulation
货到付款 cash on delivery

基础设施工程第一期 the first phase of the infrastructure project
积压产品 overstocked commodities (inventories)
缉毒队 narcotics squad
计划生育 family planning (birth control)
积极培育新的经济增长点 actively cultivate new points of economic growth
技术/劳动/资本/知识密集型产业 technology-intensive/labor-intensive/capital-intensive/knowledge-intensive industries
技术更新/改造 technological updating /renovation
计算机2000年问题 Y2Kproblem (y for year, k for kilo or thousand)
加强税收政策 tighten tax collection
加强物质文明和精神文明的建设 foster both material progress and cultural and ethical (cultural and ideological) progress
加强优生、优育 improve prenatal and postnatal care
加速科技成果商品化、产业化进程 accelerate the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements
艰苦创业的精神 the hardworking and enterprising spirit
减轻农民负担 lighten the burden on the peasants (farmers)
建设性战略伙伴关系 a constructive strategic partnership
减员增效 increase efficiency by downsizing staff
解决他们的温饱问题 provide them with adequate food and clothing
解困基金 anti-poverty funds
今年第一季度产量比去年同期增长了12.5% the production increased 12.5% between January and March compared the corresponding period (the same time ) last year
金融机构 financial institutions
精兵之路 fewer but better troops
经济发展全球化的趋势 the globalization trend in economic development
经济法制化 to manage economic affairs according to law;
to put economic operation on a legal basis
经济技术开发区 an economic and technological development zone
经济市场化/私有化 the mercerization/privatization of the economy
经济特区 a special economic zone
经济体制改革 economic restructuring
经济萎缩/起飞/兴旺 an economic depression (slump, recession)/an economic takeoff/an economic boom
经济转轨 switch to a market economy
精简各级政府机构 streamline government departments at all levels
精品 competitive products
竞争意识 competitive spirit
九届二次全国人民代表大会 the second session of the 9th National People's Congress
就业前和在职培训 pre-employment and on-the-job (in-service) training
纠正行业不正之风 rectify malpractice in various trades
军嫂 military spouse

科技是第一生产力 Science and technology constitute the primary productive force.
科教兴国战略 the strategy of revitalizing (invigorating) China through science and education
克隆 clone
扣除通货膨胀因素后的人均实际年收入 the annual per-capita income in real terms (allowing for inflation )
跨国公司 transnational corporation (transactional, multinational corporation ,multinational)
扩大/缩小地区发展差距 widen/narrow the gap/disparity between regions/localities in terms of development

劳务输出 export of labor services
劳务招聘会 a labor fair; a job fair
联防 community/team policing
连续五年丰收 bumper harvests for five consecutive years (for five years in row ;for five years running ;for five years on end ; for the fifth consecutive year)
练摊 to be a vendor (do business)
乱收费、乱集资、乱摊派的现象依然很严重 Arbitrary collection of charges, abuse of fund-raising and unchecked apportionment (arbitrary quotas) are still rampant.

盲流和倒流人员 jobless migrants from rural areas to cities,
influx from the countryside
美圆对日圆全面升值 the system of pegging the currency to the US dollar
名牌产品 famous-brand products ,brand named product
民族问题 the ethnic minority issue
母公司/子公司/分公司/办事处 the parent company /subsidiary/branch/branch/representative office

耐用消费品 consumer durables
内耗 in-fighting
农副业产品 agricultural (farm) and sideline products
农村/城市信用合作社 rural/urban credit cooperatives
牛市/熊市 a bull/bear market

欧元 Euro

派出所 local police station
跑龙套 utility man, play a bit role, general handyman
泡沫经济 bubble economy
配股 allotment of shares
配套政策 supporting policies
培养跨世纪人才 bring up (foster) cross-century (trans-century) specialists
棚户 shacks; family that live in shacks
碰钉子 get snubbed
碰头会 brief meeting ( A brief, small-scale, informal meeting with no fixed agenda, the main purpose of which is to exchange information.)
疲软股票 soft stock
皮包公司 bogus company
啤酒肚 beer belly
票贩子 scalper, ticket tout
票房 box office
骗汇、逃汇、套汇 obtain foreign currency and false pretenses, not turn over foreign currency owed to the government and illegal arbitrage
拼图 jigsaw
贫富悬殊 polarization of rich and poor


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