fellow countrymen 同胞  


Chinese Communist Party 党组织

the Grand Canal (京杭)大运河

Industrial Revolution 工业革命

down to dark从早到晚

especially English 具有英国特征的

cottage industry 农村手工业

Indian summer 最后的余辉

stock-raising 畜牧业

Homestead Act 宅地法

wild west 西部荒原

the gold rush 淘金热

basic occupation 基础产业

Department of Agriculture 农业部门

the Nile Delta 尼罗河三角洲

coastal erosion 水土流失

Mediterranean climate 地中海型气候

surveyor general 测量总监

sovereign nation 主权国家

aggregate output 总产量

coastal area 沿海地区

telephone connections 电话用户

economic well-being 生活水平

two way trade 双向贸易

lucrative export market 出口市场

foreign exchange 外汇

sum total 总数

per capita 人均

GNP 国民生产总值

joint ventures 合资企业

net income 净收入

world investment system世界投资体系

the stock of foreign investment 外资存量

major economy 经济大国

the stimulus, the technology and the funding 动力、技术和资金

international trade and investment 国际贸易和投资

popular science 科普读物Arctic seas 北冰洋

vegetable oil 植物油

mineral oil煤油

internal combustion engine内燃机

warfare on land and sea 陆战和海战

minute sea creatures and plants 微小的海洋动植物
crude oil 原油
sedimentary rocks 沉积岩
pitch lake 沥青湖
superhighway 高速公路
living organism 生物体
applied entomology 应用昆虫学
environmental Law环保法
wildlife 野生生物
freedom from noise pollution 无噪声污染
Act 法
amendment 修正案
bill 议案
hearing 听证会
lobby 院外活动集团
universal copyright convention 世界版权公约
a system of copyright protection 版权保护制度
Contracting States 成员国
Director-General 总干事 ?
mean temperature 平均温度
China’s “most important historical sites” 全国重点保护文物
the cultural relics 文物 
mutual prosperity 相互繁荣
international trade 世界贸易  
bilateral trade 双边贸易
commercial and financial relationships 贸易与金融关
economic performance/reform 经济改革
economic course 经济道路
employment 就业 
food production 食品加工
heavy industries 重工业
financial services sector 金融服务
foreign exchange dealing 外汇交易
the international community 国际社会 ?
foreign funds 外国资金 
domestic competition 国内竞争
multilateral disciplines 多边规定
a part-time river 季节性河流
oil-burning lamps 油灯
science of biological control 生物控制学
new areas of thought 新的思维空间
a warm-blooded animal 恒温动物
grant a license 颁发许可证
strip mining 露天采矿
offshore oil drilling 近海石油钻探
waste disposal 废物处理
national life 国民生计
enacting legislation 立法
remaining open land 尚未开发的土地
a system of copyright protection 版权保护制度
policies of reform and opening to the outside world 改革开放政策
national lives 人民生活
national security policies 国家安全政策


文学家man of letters

文学界literary circle


新民主主义New Democracy

五四运动The May 4th Movement

反帝国主义运动anti-imperialist movement

反封建运动anti-feudal movement

辛亥革命 the Revolution of 1911

初步共产主义思想rudiments of communist ideology

六三运动 June 3rd Movement

文化革命 the cultural revolution

小资产阶级和资产阶级知识分子petty-bourgeois and bourgeois intellectuals in the cities

市民阶级 the urban intelligentsia

五卅运动 May 30th Movement in 1925

北伐战争 the Northern Expedition

北洋军阀政府 the Northern Warlord government

右翼 right wing

民族危机 national crisis

巴黎和会 the Paris Peace Conference

故宫博物馆 the Imperial Palace/ the Palace Museum

故宫Old Palace

天安门Tian An Men Gate

太庙 The Imperial Ancestral Temple

中山公园 the Sun Yat-Sen Park

砖木结构 wood and brick

太和殿 the Hall of Supreme Harmony

午门 the Meridian Gate

外朝 the Outer Palace

内廷 the Inner Court

金水桥 the Golden Water Bridge

太和门 the Gate of Supreme Harmony

中和殿 the Hall of Complete Harmony

保和殿 the Hall of Preserving Harmony

御花园 the imperial garden

白塔 the White Dagoba

琉璃瓦 glazed tiles

粮食自给率 self-sufficiency rate of grain

净进口量net import rate

消费量consumption quantity

农业自然资源 Natural agricultural resources

生产条件 production condition

技术水平technical level

耕地cultivated land单位面积per unit area
复种指数 the multiple crop index

内陆水域 inland waters

水产品 aquatic products


木本植物 arbor foodstuffs

知识经济 knowledge economy

劳动密集型产业 labour intensive industries

贸易与金融关系 commercial and financial ties

中国少年儿童出版社 China Children Press

儿童文学 Children’s Literature

丝绸之路 the Silk Road

井地之蛙 a frog at the bottom of a well

落汤鸡 like a drowned rate

陆地自然资源 land natural resources

淡水资源 freshwater resources

矿产资源 mineral resources

大陆岸线 mainland coastline

岛屿岸线islands’ coastline

联合国海洋法公约 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

中国海域 China’s sea areas

浅海 shallow seas

人工养殖 aquatic products

沉积盆地sedimentation basin

中国沿海China’s coasts

深水岸线 deep-water stretch of coast

可再生能源regenerable energy resources

全球生命支持系统the global bio-support system

全国人民代表大会 National People’s Congress

中外合资经营 Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures

国际经济合作 international economic cooperation

技术交流 technological exchange

经济组织 economic organization

外国合营者 foreign joint venturer

平等互利的原则 the principle of equality and mutual benefit and subject

公共利益 public interest


  塔多客--tradoser: 1. trados user; 2. TRAnslation DOubled SERvice

有限责任公司 limited liability company

对外经济贸易主管部门 State’s competent department in charge of foreign economic relations and trade

工商行政管理主管部门 the State’s competent department in charge of industry and commerce administration

营业执照 business license

注册资本 registered capital

合营企业经营期间 in its practicing deception

董事会 a board of directors

董事长 chairman

企业发展规划 the venture’s development plans



生产经营活动方案 proposals for production and business operations

收支预算 the budget for revenues and expenditure

利润分配 the distribution of profits

审计师 the auditors

毛利润 gross profit储备基金 reserve fund

净利润 net profit

优惠待遇 preferential treatment

所得税 the income tax

国家外汇管理机关 State agency for foreign exchange

金融机构 financial institution

外汇账户 a foreign exchange account

保险公司 insurance company

国际市场 world market

有关外汇事宜 foreign exchange transactions

个人所得税 individual income tax

不可抗力 force majeur

基本方针 the basic principle

兴修水利 infensify water-contral project

科技进步 the development of science and technology

稻田 paddy fields

养鱼业 fish culture

养殖 aquaculture

生产能力 productive capacity

人工草场 the artificial grasslands

国际海洋年 the International Ocean Year

其他合法权益 other lawful right

开始营业 start operations

工业产权 industrial capital

总经理 general manager

总工程师 chief engineer

总会计师 treasurer

正副厂长factory manager and deputy manager

享受优惠待遇 enjoy preferential treatment



financial deficit财务赤字

arbitration agency仲裁机构

regional autonomy地方自治

automobile components汽车部件


natural enemies of insects昆虫的天敌

consumer goods消费品


Keen interest浓厚的兴趣

subtropical plant亚热带植物

social security system社会保障制度

pension fund养老金

regular event常事

municipal government自治政府

entrepreneurial spirit进取精神

to give something much thought仔细想某事

cling to youth与年轻人呆在一起

carriage drawn by the horse乘马车
Federal Power Commission联邦电力委员会

the Long March长征

neighboring enviroment周边环境

live on one's own life独立生活

freshly harvested刚割的

marine insurance海事保险

scarce tactic吓唬人的办法

a far cry from完全不同

in this respect在这方面

industrial pollution工业污染

international understanding国际间的了解

prime minister首相

sino-American relationship中美关系

stand squarely端端正正地站着

establish communities建立村镇

mineral deposit矿藏

flows of capital资本流动

power of nature自然的力量

the ice was broken打破了僵局

science of biotic controls生物控制学

domestic legislation国内立法

full diplomtic relations正式外交关系

natural beauty自然美

more than ten years his junior比他年轻十几岁

open public domain开放的公共地带

typical masterpiece具有代表意义的杰作

to imprint on one's mind印在某人的脑海里

tentative and uncertain manner试探和踌躇的举止

wind and twist蜿蜒

vaguely worded措词含糊

to and fro走来走去

brightly painted颜色鲜艳的




average annual rainfall平均年降雨量

ravages of time时间的摧残

the flower of one's youth风华正茂

in unison一致

turn one's back on拒绝,冷眼相看

court of appeals上诉法院

international affairs国际事务

magnificient dinner盛大晚宴

full member正式成员

vast size and resources地大物博

outward investor对外投资者

a kind of invitation殷勤的邀请


right to know知情权

unpublished works未出版的作品

welcoming banquet欢迎宴会
historically significant experiment具有历史意义的尝试

in his middle twenties二十多岁

outstanding feature突出特点

undue absoption in the past过分地怀念过去

resonant voice洪亮的声音

universal convention世界公约

immeasurable contrast迥然不同

sucking vigor汲取力量

meticulously dressed穿着讲究

well-mannered silence规规矩矩

now and again有时

works of the human kind人类精神产品

scientific exchange科学交流

it rains cats and dogs倾盆大雨

gleaming eyes闪光的眼睛

source of power能源


property damage财产损失

the birth and death of the day每一天的诞生和消亡

Sir John约翰爵士

on board ship在船上

common ground共同点

average height中等身材

in the air酝酿中


global economy全球经济

come and go霎时即去


a narrow swale狭长的洼地



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