Road and Traffic 公路和交通  

Approaching end of motorway 即将驶出高速。

Avoid the jams. 避免交通堵塞。

Dangerous bend 弯道危险

Diverted traffic 交叉路口

Entry to motorway 高速入口

Left junction 左交叉口

Look left (right) 向左(右)看。

Low bridge ahead 前方桥低。

New hours of parking control 停车控制新时段

No entry 禁止驶人

No stopping at any time 任何时间不准停车

No thoroughfare 禁止通行

No trade or business vehicle unless authorized 未经允许货车禁止通行。

Pedestrian crossing ahead 注意前方人行横道。

Pedestrian crossing 人行横道

Please drive carefully 请小心驾驶。

Road closed 此路封闭

Slow , school 前方学校请慢行。

Speed limit of 48kmh 限速每小时 48 公里

The law requires you wear a seatbelt 法规要求系安全带。

This vehicle stops frequently 随时停车

Car and Parking 汽车和停车

Car park front and rear. 前后停车

Cars parked here without permission will be clamped 未经允许在此停车将被拖走

Guest's car park 来客停车场

Limited parking 停车位有限

No parking constantly in use 此处经常使用,禁止停车。

No parking except for loading. 除装货外,禁止停车。

No parking in front of this gate 门前禁止停车

No parking in use 24 hours a day 此处 24 小时使用,禁止停车。

No parking or materials in front of doors 门前不准停车或堆放杂物。

Parking for taxis only 只准许出租停。

Parking permitted 允许停车

Please do not park in front of the barrier 请不要在护拦前停车。

Please do not park. Garage in use. 车库使用,门前请不要停车。

Please ensure that you have paid and display 请确保已买票并张贴。

Rent a car and go as you please 租辆车想去哪就去哪。

Strictly no parking 严禁停车

This is a pay and display car park 此停车场自动交费并张贴票据。

VIP car park 贵宾停车场

You will be required to leave a deposit when you pick up the car.


Bus and Coach 公共汽车和长途汽车

Bus information 公共汽车问讯处

Bus lane 公共汽车道

Bus stand 公共汽车停车处

Double deck buses 双层公共汽车

End of bus lane 公共汽车道结束

In case of fire, stay in vehicle 如遇火警,请呆在车内。

Keep your belongings with you at all times 随时照看好你的物品

The light indicates the door is not secured. 指示灯亮显示门未关好。

These seats are meant for elderly and handicapped persons & women with child. 老人,残疾人及抱小孩的妇女专座。

This coach is for holders of full fare. 本长途汽车专为持全程票者乘坐。

When the bus is moving, do not speak to the driver 汽车行使中,严禁与司机交谈。

With permission, but at owner's risk 允许存放,但后果自负。

Tube and Train 地铁和火车

After 21:00 hours access to London underground station. 21:00 以后,开往伦敦地铁站。

Certain stations are closed on public holidays. 假日某些车站关闭

From … to … route … 从……到……途经……

Help us to keep the tube litter free 请协助我们,保持地铁清洁卫生。

Luggage must not be put in the gateway 行李不准放到过道上。

Mind the gap 小心台阶间跨度

Not valid on certain trains. 车票对某些列车无效

Peak hours only 只限高峰时段

Please keep gateways clear 请保持过道畅通。

Please retain your ticket for inspection 请保留车票待检。

Single or return tickets only 单程或往返程票

Stand clear of the door 请不要站在门口。

The last train this evening will be the service to … 今晚最后一列火车是到……

Ticket valid until 30 June 2003. 车票有效期到 2003 年 6 月 30 日。

To ensure punctuality, this barrier may be closed up to one minute prior to departure of each train 为确保准时发车,此门在发车前一分钟关闭。

Toilet engaged 厕所有人

Train departure 出站列车

Tube to … 地铁开往…

Airport 飞机场

Airport lounges 机场休息室

Airports shuttle 机场班车

Arrivals 进港

Assistance 问讯处

Check in area (zone) 办理登机区

Customers lounges 旅客休息室

Departure airport 离港时间

Departure times on reverse 返航时间

Departures 出港

Destination airport 到达机场

Domestic flights. 国内航班

Emergency exit 安全出口

Exit to all routes 各通道出口

Flight connections 转机处

Help point (desk) 问讯处

Inquiries 问讯处

Left baggage 行李寄存

Lost property 失物招领

Luggage from flights 到港行李

Luggage pick up 取行李

Luggage reclaim 取行李

Missing people help line 走失求救热线

Missing, police appeal for assistance 警察提供走失帮助。
No smoking except in designated area 除指定区域外,禁止吸烟。
Nothing (something) to declare 无(有)报关
Passport control 入境检验
Please leave your luggage with you at all times 请随身携带你的行李。
Queue here 在此排队
Reclaim belt 取行李传送带
Reserved seating 预定的座位
Return fares 往返票价
Short stay 短暂停留
Stay close 跟紧
Welcome aboard 欢迎登机
Purchases and Sales 商品买卖
15% off with this flyer 凭此宣传品优惠 15%
50% off on selected lines 部分商品降半价
Accessories & spares delivered to your door 配件送货上门。
All the range of … available. 各种……有货
As many repairs as you need, free of charge 随时免费维修
Ask at the counter for details 详情问柜台
Ask inside for details 详情里面询问
Best choice and best discounts 最佳选择,最大优惠
Big sale 大甩卖
Brighter shopping, brighter prices 明智的购物,透明的价格
Buy any two together and save 10% off both products 一次性买俩,每个优惠 10 %
Buy one and get anyone free 买一赠一
Buy two get one free 买二赠一
Children's wear 童装
Closing sale 关门大甩卖
Computers in stock 电脑有货
Customer care is our top priority 顾客至上
Customer services 顾客服务处
Easy to use and great value too. 好用实惠,物美价廉
Fill in your selection here and take to a pay point. 在此选购商品填单,然后到收款台付款。
Final clear out 清仓大甩卖
For more information , contact our customer service desk 详情请和顾客服务处联系。
Free delivery to your door 免费送货上门
Furniture sale now on 家具现降价销售
Half price sale 半价甩卖
Hours of opening : 营业时间
Massive stock, clear out 大量库存,清仓甩卖
Offer is subject to availability. 现货优惠,卖完为止
Open for business as usual 照常营业
Opening soon 即将开业
Opening times (hours): 营业时间 :
We can provide the complete hospitality service. 我们提供热情周到的服务。
Out of hours, delivery at … 下班时,送货到……
Peace of mind from the minute you buy 买着放心
Please ask for assistance 需帮助请询问
Please check your change before leaving the checkout area 请当面点清。
Please retain this receipt as proof of your purchase and your guarantee. 请保存好收据,作为交款凭证,并享受保修。
Please leave bags at the counter 请把包放到柜台
Price crash 削价
Sale 50% off original price 按原价的 50% 销售
Sale at breakdown price 跳楼价甩卖
Sale continues in store 商品继续销价
Save up to 50% off 50 %大降价
Save up to 40% 6 折优惠
Save your money 贱卖
Savings and discounts all around the store 店内所有商品均削价处理
Services as usual 照常营业
Special offer 特价
50% discount on selected items 部分商品五折
Summer price cuts. 夏季大削价
Thank you for your custom. 感谢您惠顾光临
Try before you buy 先试后买
We will not be beaten on price 我们的价格最低。
Public Places 公共场所
Central heating throughout 中央暖气全部开放
Children and senior citizens free 儿童与老人免费
Do not enter, alarm operating 装有警报,禁止入内。
Do not obstruct or chain cycles to the railings 请不要把自行车靠到或锁到栏杆上。
Do not put (place) bicycles against the railings 请不要把自行车靠到栏杆上。
Do not use this lift as a means of escape in the event of fire 遇火警时,严禁使用此电梯
Dog waste only 只存放狗的粪便
Fire construction points to note 注意消防设施
Fire door, keep shut 消防门房,保持关闭
Fire escape to be clear of obstruction 安全出口,保持通畅
Fire escape, asked to be cleared off obstruction. 安全出口,请保持通畅
Fire escape, keep clear 安全出口,保持通畅
Fire exit only 仅作火警安全出口
Footpath closed. 步行路关闭
For public use 公用
Free of charge 免费
Fully air conditioned 空调全面开放
Gates in use night & day 此门昼夜使用
Gents 男厕
Lavatories 厕所
Leave by entrance door 请不要堵住门口
man's lavatory 男厕所
Men 男厕
No admittance 禁止入内
No bathing, fishing allowed in this pond 此池塘禁止游泳,垂钓
No bicycles, police will remove 禁止停放自行车,否则警察拖走。
No charge 不收费
No entry for general public 公众不得入内
No unauthorized access prohibited ,未经许可,禁止入内。
No unauthorized entry 未经许可,不得入内
No way out 无出口
Non-smokers only. 仅供非吸烟者
Obstruction of the door can be dangerous. 门口堵塞,危险
Open all year daily 全年每天开放
Open all year round/ Open all year 全年开放
Open daily 每天开放
Open to the public on selected days only 仅限规定的日期,对公众开放。
Opening hours: 开放 / 开门 / 营业时间 :
Particulars of membership 会员优先
Pick pockets operate in this area 本区域内注意小偷
Please do not chain bicycles to these railings 请不要把自行车锁到栏杆上。
Please do not lean on these barriers 请不要靠防护栏。
Please do not leave rubbish here 请不要在此倒垃圾。
Please do not obstruct entrance 请不要堵住入口。
Please feel free to smoke in the lounge. 休息室允许吸烟
Please keep clear of the door 请保持门口畅通。
Please telephone for opening times and admission charges 打电话询问开放时间和门票价格。
Please use other doors 请走其它门
Please use yours with consideration for others. 请在你使用时,也为别人着想。
Police notice: bicycles will be removed 警察特别提示:自行车将被清走。
Private function only 只供私人使用
Public toilet 公厕
Unauthorized posters and advertisements will be persecuted 未经允许,禁止张贴广告,否则追究责任。
Under repair, do not operate 正在修理,不能使用。
Unisex toilet 男女公厕
Use of emergency alarm 用于报警
Useful numbers: 常用电话号码
Waiting room and ladies 女厕
Way out 出口
woman's lavatory 女厕所
Office 办公室
Air quality improvement area 空气质量净化区
All visitors must report to office 来客必须到办公室登记。
All visitors please report to the gate warder 来客请到门房登记。
Anyone caught using this lift will be removed from this lift 发现用此电梯者将被清走。
Business office 商务办公室
Close the door behind you 请随手关门
Demonstration available 可以进行演示
Electrically operated gate 电动门
Floor cleaning in progress 正在清扫地板
Front entrance 前门入口
For your convenience we are open 7 days a week. 为了方便你,我们每周 7 天开放。
Head office 总部
Interview in progress 正在面试
Lift out of order 电梯发生故障
Lift out of use 电梯停止使用
Meeting in progress, quiet please 正在开会,请保持安静。
No food is to be consumed in this area. 此处不准吃食物。
No littering 勿乱扔废弃物
No smoking in this area 此处禁止吸烟
No smoking in this lift 电梯内禁止吸烟
Office to let 办公室出租
Please close the door on leaving 离开时请关门
Please do not help yourself 不要随便拿东西。
Please do not help yourself to books from this shelf 请不要随便从架子上取书籍。
Please ensure that this door is closed top & bottom 请确保此门上下关紧。
Please keep this office tidy and use the bins provided 请保持办公室整洁,使用所提供的垃圾箱
Please wait here for enquiries 请在此等候咨询。
This is a smoke free building 楼内禁止吸烟
We do not buy at this door 谢绝推销
Restaurant and Pub 餐馆酒吧
Air conditioned 空调开放
Daily specials 每日特色菜
Drinks purchased are for taken away only 饮料仅供外卖
Eat in or take away 店内吃或外卖
Please ask to taste 欢迎品尝
Please wait here or take advantage until our hostess escorts to your table. 请稍等或自便,主人会领你入座。
Superb cuisine and wide selection of drinks 美味佳肴,各种饮料
Take away service available 提供外卖
Today's special/Today's specialties 今日特色菜
Try our summer range of food 品尝夏季各种食品
Wines & spirits 红酒白酒
Construction Site 建筑工地
Apologize for any inconvenience caused during building operation 对施工期间带来的不便表示歉意。
Danger of death, Keep out. 生命危险,严禁入内。
Danger, building site, keep out 工地危险,禁止入内。
Danger, evacuation 危险 , 请走开
Dangerous structure, this bridge is unsafe 危险结构,该桥不安全。
Hot work in progress 正在施工
No persons allowed beyond this point 任何人不许越过此处。
Safety footwear. 穿安全靴
Safety helmets must be worn on this site 此工地必须戴安全帽。
Site entrance, dangerous 工地入口,危险
Slow, site entrance 工地入口请慢行
This button has been moved for remedial work 该按钮已卸下拿去修理。
This is just for construction personnel 仅供施工人员使用。
This lift is only for construction personal 此电梯仅供施工人员使用。
This work will be completed by the end of this year. Thank you for your patience during the inevitable disruption 此工程于年底完工,感谢你施工期间的宽容大度。
We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this works 对施工期间引起的不便表示歉意。
Working overhead 上面在施工
Banks and Insurance 银行保险
24-hour credit card bookings 24 小时信用卡预约
An attractive rate of interest on any money 存款利率高
Automatic teller machine 自动取款机
Bring proof of identity to open your account. 开户需带证件
Bureau de change/Currency exchange 兑换外汇
Call us with credit card details on … 打电话……询问,需提供信用卡记录详情。
Fast, safe worldwide money transfers available here. 我们能提供全球快捷安全的转帐业务。
Foreign exchange (services) 外币兑换
Look out our lowest rate loans on personal 提供个人低息贷款。
Making your money grow 让你的钱增值。
Our telephone banking service is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 我们的银行开通每年 365 天每天 24 小时的服务电话。
Repayments guaranteed to stay the same throughout the length of the loan. 偿还的贷款保证在还贷期间保持不变。
Sell to customer rate: 卖出价 :
There is no cash left in this machine overnight 此机夜间无现金
This till position is closed. 此取款机停止使用
Travelers cheque commission 旅行支票收手续费
We can supply all your foreign currency. 我们提供各国货币
We give you great rates and instant access 我们提供优惠的价位快捷的服务。
You open an account with at least £ 10 开户至少 10 镑
Your insurance plan will protect your product against accidental damage. 保险将保护你的产品免受意外损失。
Post Office and Communications 邮局电信
Abroad 国外信件
All prices include postage and packing 全部价格包括邮资和包装
Calls charged at the national rate 电话按国内长途收费
Counter service 服务柜台
Country letters 国内信件
Enquires 问讯处
If your mobile breaks down more than twice because of a mechanical fault, we will replace it. 如果你的手机出现两次以上的故障,我们将予以更换。
If your mobile phone breaks down, we will carry out as many repairs as your product needs, free of charge. 如果你的手机出现故障,我们随时提供免费修理。
In most instances we will repair your mobile phone within five working days. 一般我们在 5 个工作日修好你的手机。
Internet e-mail with free fast access to useful sites 发电子邮件,免费访问常用的网站。
Local calls 本地电话
Mobile phone center 移动电话中心
National calls 国内长途电话
Nokia original accessories 诺基亚原装配件
Please join the main queue 请排成一队
Please post all your mail here , thank you 请在此邮寄,谢谢合作
Pocket phone shop 手机商店
Post your comments here 请留下您的意见
Price paid including fees and vat. 所付价格包括服务费和增值税
Simply return your damaged or faulty phone to our store and it will be exchanged for a loan phone until your phone has been repaired. 只要你把你损坏或有故障的手机拿回我们商店,在你的手机修好前,我们会提供备用电话。
Stamp vending machine 邮票销售机
We offer a special instant replacement service for pagers. 我们对 BB 机提供快捷换货的特别服务。
We will replace any accessories you bought from us for your original phone. 我们为你从我们这买的原装手机换配件。
Theatre and Cinema 剧院电影院
24 hour ticket line … 24 小时售票电话……
All prices quoted include any service charges applicable. 票价包括一定的服务费。
All sessions last for approximately 1 hour 演出大约 1 小时
Booking Office 售票处
Bookable in advance at the box office only with ID 凭身份证可在售票处提前预定。
Booking by post, phone, fax or e-mail or in person. 可通过邮寄,打电话,发传真或发电子邮件或亲自定票。
Booking can be made through … on … 可打电话 ……通过……定票
Concessions 优惠
No booking fee 不收定票费
Performance times 演出时间
Previews 预演
Regular price 普通票价
Special reductions are available to groups 12+ at all performances. 所有演出对 12 人以上的团体给予特别优惠。
The performance runs 2 hours 30 minutes including an interval 整个演出 2 小时 30 分,包括中间休息
The price shown on the ticket includes ticket price and service charges. 票上的价格包括票价和服务费。
This ticket will not be exchanged nor the purchase price refunded. 票不可交换,也不能按购买价退票。
Tickets are subject to availability. 票在销售,售完为止
Tickets available from all accredited ticket agents. 可在所有的指定的代理商买到票
Hotels and Hostels 旅店宾馆
Be careful when using the bath. 使用此浴室时小心。
Booking made through most travel agents. 可通过各地旅游代理商定票。
Centrally located overlooking a park with free parking. 市区中心,紧靠公园,免费停车。
Cleanliness and comfort assured. 保证干净舒适。 Conference facilities. 会议设施
Easy access to … Close to city center. 紧靠市中心,去……交通便利,。
Equipped and furnished to a high standard. 家具配备高档,设施配备精良。
Extremely well equipped 设施配备精良。
Friendly family guesthouse near city center and railway station 家庭式客房,紧靠市中心和火车站。
Full central heating with house provided hot water 24 hours 中央暖气系统,房间 24 小时提供热水。
Fully centrally heated. 中央暖气全部开放。
Indoor swimming pool 室内游泳池
Laundry service. 提供洗熨服务
Night porter on duty 夜间有行李搬运服务生。
Price according to season and size of flat 价格按季节和公寓大小而定。
Reduced rates for elderly 老人优惠
Shave pins in all bedrooms 所有卧室备有刮脸刀 / 脱发器插头
Stay a minimum of 3 nights and receive 1 extra night free. 最少住三晚,另外免费一晚。
Tea/coffee making facility in all bedrooms 所有卧室有沏茶和煮咖啡的条件。
This offer is available for all stays to 31 October 2003. 对截至 2003 年 10 月 31 日的住宿实行优惠。
Warm, friendly service in a comfortable home 热情友好的服务,舒适温馨的家。
Tour and Sightseeing 旅游观光
15% off with this flyer 持本广告 85 折优惠
A place to relax and unwind 一个让你放松身心的地方。
Access all day. 全天开放
Admission is free 不收门票
Advanced booking is essential to avoid disappointment 提前预定,避免错过。
All passengers are strongly advised to obtain travel insurance. 建议所有乘客购买旅游保险。
All tours require advance booking. 旅游需要提前定票。
All-inclusive ticket 票价包括所有费用。
Cafeteria available 提供自助餐
Child reductions 儿童优惠
Children are free if supervised. 有监护人的儿童免费。
Children under 12 half price throughout season 全季 12 岁以下的儿童半价
Clean and comfortable 清洁舒适
Come with us to the world's most beautiful cities 和我们一起游览世界上最美丽的城市。
Concessions ( 票价 ) 优惠
Day trip to … ……一日游
Discounts available for pre-booked groups 团体提前预定优惠
Fine views of London 伦敦美景
For more detailed information please call 欲知详情,请打电话。
Free children admission with full paying adult 卖成人票,儿童免费。
Free children ticket with this leaflet 持本广告儿童免费。
Free entry for all 向所有人开放
Free entry to over 60 attractions 免费到 60 多个景点旅游。
Free for accompanied children under 16 years of age. 所带 16 以下岁儿童免费。
If you would like to join our club, please contact … 如想参加我们的俱乐部,请联系……
Pick up points and times 接站地点和接站时间
Reservations 预定
Reserved seating 预定座位
Safe and reliable 安全可靠
Self-catering 可自己做饭
Shopping offers 提供购物机会
Sights of London 伦敦风光
Sightseeing at its best! 观光游览最佳季节。
Tour operators 旅游组织者
Tours take up to two hours 游程两个小时。
Tours are held throughout the day 旅游活动全天进行。
Tours have live english commentary 旅游配有现场英语解说。
Under 24 hours a 50% charge may be levied. 24 小时内收半价
We want you to have a good holiday 我们让你渡过一个愉快的假日。
Training and Learning 学习培训
Accommodation provided by the institution 学校提供住宿。
All courses offered accredited by British Council 所有课程由英国文化委员会授权认可。
Expert english language training by qualified teachers 英语培训,经验丰富,师资雄厚。
Full-students 全日制学生
One-to-one english language courses with full board accommodation 一对一的英语学习课程,提供住宿。
We have over ten years of experience in teaching quality english and have successfully managed schools in different parts of the world. 我们从事了 10 年多的英语教学,教学质量高,教学经验丰富,在世界各地有成功地办学的范例。
Exhibition and Museum 展览会博物馆
… are now free to everyone. …… 现免费向公众开放。
… will again be open to the public. …… 再次向公众开放。
Admission charge £ 4 门票 £ 4 镑
Do not touch the exhibits/objects 勿触摸展品 / 物品
Exhibition opening times: 开馆时间:
Extended opening hours during August 八月延长开放时间。
Flash photograph is not permitted 不准用闪光灯拍照。
Forthcoming exhibitions 即将展出
Open 10:30am - 6:00pm every day throughout the year 全年每天 10 : 3:00am - 6:00pm 开放。
Open 7 days a week 每周 7 天开放
Photography and video are not permitted inside the building 楼内不许拍照录像。
Ticket office 售票处
Unemployed, disabled, students and children free 失业者,残疾人,学生和儿童免费。
With access all day 全天开放
Others 其它方面
Bicycle hire 出租自行车
Call now to book and to claim your free color brochure. 现在打电话预定,索取免费彩色介绍资料。
Call … to book 打电话……预定
Contact us at email: 同我们联系请发电子邮件 :
Cycle hire 自行车出租
Details see over 详情见背页
Direct dial telephones 直拨电话
For free information contact : 索取免费信息,请联系:
For full details of … , please see the web site: 了解……详情,请访问网站:
For further details, please contact us on … 详情请打电话……和我们联系。
For further information on … please call …… 了解 … 详情 , 请打电话……
For more information on the full range of products, call … or visit the web: 更多了解各种产品的情况,拨打电话…… 或访问网站 :
For more information, call … , Our staff will be pleased to answer your questions 了解详情请打电话…… , 我们的职员会给你满意的回答。
For the latest information on availability, check out our website: … 获取最新信息,查询我们的网站 : ……。
Free Internet Access 免费上网
Free prize draw 免费抽奖
Further information about …… can be found on our website at … 关于……详细情况可在我们的网站……查到。
Goods are dispatched every day 每天发货
Information is correct at time of print 印刷时信息准确
Please ring/call/phone/telephone for assistance 打电话咨询
Please ring our 24-hour information line 请拨打我们 24 小时咨询服务热线。
Please write clearly in blue or black ink. 请用蓝黑墨水填写清楚。
Programs can be heard live and recorded on our website. 在我们的网站上可听到现场和录音节目。 


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