黨 Chinese doughnut
Meat with cayenne pepper
˿ Sliced pork with cayenne pepper
ţ Dry beef with cayenne pepper
Chicken with cayenne pepper
Chicken cubes with cayenne pepper
ţ Saute beef with cayenne pepper
F Fried frogs with cayenne pepper
Ŷ Bean curd with mince and chili oilMa Pos bean curd
ŷ˿ Vermicelli with pork in hot sauce
Ϻ Shrimp with chilli
ȸ Sparrow fish
Sugary sponge cake
ɭ缦 Chicken Marengo
"Chinese small iris"sliced
ʿ Fish mayonnaise
ʿϺ King prawn mayonnaise
Bouillabaisse Marseilles
Ants climbing treesvermicelli with spicy minced pork
۲ Hasty pudding
Ƭ Oatmeal porridge
ͷ Steamed bread
â Mango pudding
õݩ Rose and water chestnut cake
õ͸ Braised pigeon with rose and black bean sauce
õ֥ Fried rose sesame balls
÷˿ Pork with preserved vegetable
÷Ź Sparerib with preserved vegetable
÷ Steamed sparerib with plum sauce
÷ Steamed pork rib in plum sauce
ʽhʯ Baked grouperAmerican style
ζ "Delicate taste"pudding
ζͼ "Delicate taste chicken
Ŷ "Chinese door knob"plum and peach cake
˼ Braised chicken live
˼ Braised chicken legs
ţ Braised beef
ţ Braised beef with vegetable
ɳ Braised sandgrouse
ɽè Braised leopard cat with sauced pork
Сţؿ Braised veal breast
Braised mutton with vegetables
ͼ Braised capon with vegetables
Braised pork with vegetables
ɹţƬ Mongolian beef with bamboo shoots
ɹ Mongolian lamb with bamboo shoots
׷ Rice
׷⼦Ѽ Steamed chicken and duck with rice
׷ Steamed pork with rice
Ѭм Smoked spring chicken
ɳ Peach salad
Ѽ Shanghai duck with peach
֭ Barbecued pork in honey
֭« Barbecued gourd in honey
֭ Barbecued ham in honey
֭ Date in honey
֭ӣ Cherries in honey
޻ "Cotton"fish maw
μ Minced chicken with rice
ţⷹ Minced beef with rice
ըϺ Fried king prawn in bread crumbs
ը Fried fillet of fish in bread crumbs
Ƥ Bread crust
м Bread crumbs
Ѽ Duck liver and fried bread
Ǯ Chicken liverpork and ham on fried bread
滨 Crispy noodles
Dumpling soup
˿ Clear noodle soup
ţ Stewed beef with noodles
л Croaker fillet on fried bread
û Oyster on fried bread
Ϻ Shrimp in bread crumbs
ǻ⼦˿ Cod-maw soup with sliced chicken
ǻⱫ˿ Cod-maw soup with sliced abalone
¯ Barbecued pork Guangdong style
¯ն Barbecued goose Guangdong style
ţ Shanghai style beef
ºɼ Red grouseCold dish arranged like moonlight scene
Ħ޼ Chicken pilau
Ģ Mushroom omelette
ĢѼ Stewed duck with mushroom
Ģɳ Mushroom and chicken salad
ĢƬ Mushroom and chicken slices
Ģȵ Stewed quail eggs and mushroom
ĸʹѼ Deep-fried duck
ĸ Mother and son meetStewed chicken and spring chicken
ĵ Oyster soup
ľϬ Saute pork with egg and fungus
ľϬ˿ Shredded pork with egg and fungus
ľϬ Egg soup with meat shreds and fungus
Ŀ Stewed chicken with plaice
Shepherds pie

ص Cake napoleon
̶ Milk curd pie
̿ Creamed salmon
Cheese sandwich
Puff pastry
˿ Vermicelli with milk
Crucian carp in milk
Ͱ׾ Creamed chicken with mushroom
ͱ Cream cracker
ͱƬ Abalone slices with cream sauce
ͱ Creamed abalone soup
ͱ Butter cake
Ͳ Cream of spinach soup
Ͳ Pineapple with cream
Ͳ˻ Cream of cauliflower soup
Ͳ Vegetables in butter
ʹ֭Ƭ Pork slices with butter and onion
ʹ󵰸 Soft cream cake
ʹײ Tapioca pudding
ʹϺ Cream of prawn soup
͵ Cream cake
ެ Cream of tomato soup
ͻƲ˰ Tianjin cabbage with wihite sauce
ͻƹɳ Cucumber salad with cream
ͻ⼦ Chicken in white sauce with rice
ͻ⼦Ƭ Chicken slices in white sauce
ͻС Sausage in white sauce
ͻⷹ Mutton slices in white sauce with rice
ͻ Kidney in white sauce
ͻӰ Mixed meat in white sauce
ͻƬ Pork slices in white sauce
ͻ Cream of ham soup
ͼ Cream of chicken soup
ͼ Souffle
ͼ Cream of chicken soup
ͼ˿ Cream of chicken and ham soup
ͼ Chicken in white sauce
ͼ嵰 Eggs fried in butter
ͼ㶹 Ham and peas in white sauce
ͽ Cream soup with dumplings
ͽ Braised Tianjin cabbage with white sauce
; Cream roll
Ϳ Cream pastry
Ϳ߲ Vegetables au gratin
Ϳͨķ Macaroni au gratin
ͿӰ Mixed meat au gratin
Ϳɿɶ Chocolate pudding
ͿĢ˻ Cream of mushroom and cauliflower soup
ͿĢϺ King prawns with mushroom in white sauce
ͿĢ Fish with mushroom and cream sauce
ͿĢ Chicken with mushroom in white sauce
ͿĢз Crab meat au gratin
ͿĢY˿ Beef stroganoff
ͿĢз Creamed mushroom soup with crab meat
Y˿ Beef stroganoff
ӷ Chestnut pure with cream
Cream of asparagus soup
«S Asparagus in white sauce
ɽè Braised leopard cat in white sauce
Ģ⼦ Chicken and mushroom with white sauce
Ģ Cream of mushroom soup
ľ˾ Mousse
ͰǰĢ Mushroom in white sauce
ƻ Apple and cream
۲ Cream of celery soup
˾ţ Liver in white sauce
Sorgo with cream sauce
Pie with cream
㶹 Pea soup with cream
Cream of tomato soup
ϺɰDz Braised heart of cabbage and dried shrimp in white sauce
㽶 Bananas with cream
з Crab meat cream soup
Ҭ˻ Cauliflower with white saucee
Fish maw with white sauce
Ƭ Fish chowder
Cream fish soup
Ӱˮɳ Mixed fruit salad with cream
֭ Fried fish with white cream
֭Ƭ Chicken in white sauce with rice
֭˿ Chicken stroganoffUSSP
֭ Roast chicken joint with white sauce
֭Ϻ Roast prawns with white sauce
֭з Crab meat au gratin
֭ Roast diced fish with white sauce
ϸ Southern style bean curd baked
ϼ Southern style saut meatballs
ϰػ Southern style assorted vegetable
ӻ Southern style assorted ingredients
ⶡ Southern style saut meat hash with water chestnut
Ƭ Southern style saut chicken slices with water chestnut
Southern style saut pork slices with water chestnut
ۼ Stewed noodles with spring chicken and vegetable
ɽƬ Birds nest and sliced pheasant
ʲ Lemon pudding
ʲ Lemon tea
ʟh Roast pigeon with lemon sauce
Lemon pie
ˮ Lemonade
֭ Steamed fish with lemon sauce
ţ Tripe soup
ţ Ox liver paste
ţY Beef steak with vegetable
ţYм Beef steak with egg
ţYƬ˾ Fillet steak with cheese
ţ̴ Rice porridge with milk
ţֿڸ Lacovo with milk
ţ Beef steak
ţ Steamed dumplings with beef
ţ Hamburger
ţ Beef tea
ţ⳴ Fried noodles with beef
ţܽ Beef and egg
ţ⿧ Beef curry
ţ Dried beef
ţβ Beef with crispy rice
ţ Beef in hot pot
ţ⽹ Chinese crispy bread with beef
ţ Beef with boiled noodles
ţǵ Beef steak with egg
ţƬͨ Macaroni with sliced beef
ţζ Beef sandwich
ţɳ Beef satayMalaysia
ţ߲ Beef and vegetable soup
ţ˿ Minced beef cutlets
ţ Beef soup
ţ׷ Beef ball with rice
ţ Beef ball soup
ţ㳦 Beef sausage
ţ Beef chop suey
ţඳ Tongueoxin aspic
ţʿ Tongue toast
ţ Rump steak
ţβŨ Ox tail soup
ţ Kidneyoxsoup
ţ Butter
ţͲ Suet pudding
ţ͟h Baked pomfret in butter
Ũ Thick soup
ŭξ Furious billowing dragonEel with boiling oil
ŵؿ Normandy style chicken

ǰ Braised pork slices
DZ Braised abalone and vegetable
Ǻ Braised lamb chop suey
Ǽ Braised chicken
Ǽ Braised chicken leg
뱫 Brised abalone with asparagus
Braised asparagus with hearts of green vegetable
㹽 Braised asparagus and mushroom
ţ׾ Braised fillet of beef with white mushroom
ţ Braised steak with sliced scallion
ţ Braised diced beef and chickens liver
ţ Braised beef with vegetables
ȹ Braised"skirt edge"turtle
Braised"three whites"Fishchicken and bamboo shoot tips
˿ Braised three ingredients and sharks fin
Braised three kinds of meat
Ӿ Deep-fried pine nut roll and mushroom
Braised bears paw
˾ Braised birds nest and vegetable rolls
ฬ Braised birds nest
Dz Braised fish maw with vegetable
ţ֭ Braised fillet of grouper in butter sauce
Braised pork chop
Ŵ Crilled pork chop with scallion
Ź Barbecued spareribs
ݲ Pickled vegetables
ݵ Poached egg in clear soup
Ƥʯ Crispy shin grouper
Ƥ Preserved duck eggs
ơƿ Roast ham with beer
ôϺ Pipa king prawns
Ƭ Roast suckling pig
ƬƤ࿾ Crispy goose
ƬƤը Crisp chicken
ƬƤռ Roast chicken
ƴ Hors doeuveres
ƴ Hors doeuveres ingredients
ƻ Apple pudding
ƻ Apple pie
ƻַ Apple souffle
ƻݱ Apple pie
ƻ֭ Roast turkey with apple sauce
Ϲ Portuguese chicken
Ѹɲ Raisin pudding

߲ƴ Seven ingredients hors doeuvres
Oriental sole
"Unicorn"mandarin fish
ͼ Steamed chicken
˳ţ˿ Saute beef shreds with bean sprouts
˳˿ Saute meat shreds with bean sprouts
˳Ѭ˿ Saute smoked chicken shreds and bean sprouts
˿Ѽ˿ Saute duck shreds with bean sprouts
ǧ "One thousand layer"cake
ǧ㸯Ƥ "One thousand layer"bean curd
ǧ֭ "One thousand layer"sugar cane juice cake
ǯ۲ Shrimp and celery
бϖ Fried oyster and green onion
Пhз Baked crab with ginger and onion
ƹƤ Fried cucumber skin
˿F Fried frogs with ginger
ɿ󵰸 Chocolate cake
Ƭ Sliced ham
ѵζ Tomato and egg sandwich
ѽм Fried fillet of fish with tomato and pepperSpanish style
ѿ Diced ham with eggplant
Mashed eggplant
֭߿ Spotted grouper in tomato sauce
֭ "Shokkon"balls in tomato sauceGuaugdong
֭Ϻ Fried shrimps in tomato sauce
֭ Fried chicken in tomato sauce
֭˿ Fried chicken noodles in tomato sauce
֭Ѽ Fried duck in tomato sauce
֭Ϻµ Fried whole prawn in tomato sauce
֭ţ Fried sliced beef in tomato sauce
֭ʯ߿ Deep-fried grouper slices in tomato sauce
֭⸬ Crispy pork and shrimp in tomato sauce
֭Ϻ Fried prawn balls in tomato sauce
֭Ϻ Fried shrimps in tomato sauce
֭Ϻʹ Shrimps and crispy rice in tomato sauce
֭ Fried fish fillet with tomato sauce
֭Ƭ Fish slices in tomato sauce
֭ Fried fish balls in tomato sauce
۲ Cream of celery soup
۲ţ Minced beef and celery with noodles
˼ Consomm with chicken and vegetables
ţ Consomm with beef and vegetables
ն Stewed bean curd with green vegetable
г Green onion omelette
ൺơ Qingdao beef
ඹ Egg flower and green pea soup
ඹ Diced chicken soup with green peas
ඹţ Ox tongue and green peas
ඹ Green pea soup
ඹϺ Fried shrimps with green peas
Ƭ Cucumber salad
ཷⶡ Saute pork with green pepper
ཷ Diced chicken with green pepper
ཷţ Beef with green pepper
ཷţ˿ Shredded beef with green pepper
ཷȿ Green pepper stuffed with minced pork
ཷ˿ Shredded pork and green pepper
÷ Plum wine
㶹 Chicken with green peas
㶹ⶡ Diced pork with green peas
ǵ Fish maw of black carp
㻮ˮ Tail of black carp in clear soup
峴 Fried razor Clam
峴 Omelette
峴 Stir-fried cabbage mustard
峴 Stir-fried peas
峴˿ Stir-fried three kinds of vegetables
峴շ˿ Stir-fried sliced camel hump
峴Ϻ Stir-fried shrimp
Clear mushroom soup
Stewed venison
ţ Beef tea
ţ Stewed beef
ȫ Stewed whole chicken
Stewed pork rump
Ѽ Stewed duck
Stewed mutton
㴽 Stewed fish lips
м Stewed spring chicken
弦 Clear chicken soup
弦 Fried eggs
弦 Chicken croquette
Fried carp
Fried potato cake
Сţ Fried veal cutlet
Fried pork chop
Clear soupconsomm
Soup with"eight-delicacies"
Consomm with abalone
ɸ Clear soup with dry cakes
˿ Consomm with three kinds of meat shreds
Consomm with egg
Chicken noodle soup
˿ Chicken consomm with ham
Consomm with meat dumplings
Ģ Mushroom consomm
American abalone soup
Noodle soup
ɢ Clear sharks fin soup
߲ Consomm with vegetables
˿ Consomm with"three shreds"
Թ Consomm with poached egg
ϸ Consomm wih thin noodles
ѩ Consomm with white fungus
Birds nest consomm
Clear soup with birds nest
Consomm with white fungus
ȵ Consomm with white fungus and quail eggs
Sharks fin in clear soup
Fish maw in clear soup
Ӱ Clear soup with assorted ingredients
Bamboo shoots clear soup
ըY DeeP-fried pork fillet
ըѼ Deep-fried pork duck liver
ըӸ Deep-fried gizzard and liver
ը Deep-fried pork liver
ըY Deep-fried pork fillet
Steamed silver carp
Steamed bream with scallions and black beans
ʸ Steamed pigeon
Steamed mandarin fish
Steamed seafood
Steamed chicken
ƺ Steamed Yellow river carp
Steamed live fish
Steamed crucian carp
Steamed carp
Steamed perch with scallion and black beans
Steamed perch fillet
ȫ Steamed whole chicken
ȫѼ Steamed whole duck
ȿ Steamed stuffed bean curd
ȿ Steamed stuffed silvery curp
з Steamed crab
Steamed layered fish
Steamed hilsa herring
F Steamed frog
зǯ Steamed crab claws
Steamed fish
Steamed fish fillets
Ԫ Steamed soft-shelled turtle
ӻ Steamed assorted ingredients
Steamed black carp with wine
ȫҸ "Family delight"assorted ingredientssavoury
ȫտ Barbecued whole pig
ȸȵ Quail eggs in a nest
ȸ Diced chicken in a nest
ȸϺƬ Shrimps in a nest
Fried Lunchoen Meat

Watercress Soup
Kailan w/Ikan Bilis
Chicken w/Oyster Sauce & Mushr
Fried Egg w/Onion
Fried Sausage w/Tomato Sauce

Green Pea Soup
Long Bean w/Fish Cake
Lemon Fish

Pork w/Brown Sauce

Ngoh Hiang
Salted Veg Duck Soup

Cabbage w/Vermicelli

Sweet & Sour Pork
International Beancurd
Sotong Ball
Mushroom Soup

Fried Brinjal
Fish w/Dried Chilli
Braised Pork
Sardines Fish w/Onion

Fish Ball Soup
Xiao Bai Chye w/Oyster Sauce

Chicken w/Green Pepper

Ma Po Beancurd

Fried Fish
Pork Rib Soup
Curry Mixed Vegetable
Fried Fish w/Bitter
Lemon Chicken

Fish Cake w/Spicy Sauce
Peanut w/Sliced Meat Soup
Cucumber w/Dried Shrimp
Western Chicken Chop

Steam Egg w/Minced
Sweet & Sour Prawn Ball
Chicken Fungus Soup
Fried Chinese Cabbage
Beancurd w/Crab Meat
Hong Kong Style Pork Rib

Fried Egg Sausage

Winter Melon Soup
Fried Chai Sim
Chicken w/Potato
Fried Fish w/Shrimp Lemon
Deep Fried Crab Stick

Potato Soup
Fried Spinach
Hong Kong Fried Fish

Spare Pork Rib

Fried Scallop w/Sweet Sauce

Sweet Corn Soup
Bean Sprout w/Salted Fish

Fried Scramble Egg

Fried Chicken w/Dried Chilli

Fried Potato Cake
Herb Soup
Long Bean w/Shrimp
Thai Style Fish
Pork Rib w/Honey Sauce
Deep Fried Fish Ball
Crab Meat Soup
Mixed Vegetable
Drumlet w/Sweet Sauce
Tom Yum Fish Fillet
Shrimp Sausage Roll
Melon Soup
Endvie w/Ikan Bili
Thai Style Beancurd
Braised Duck
Fried Chicken Nugget
Egg Soup
Cucumber w/Fish Cake
Fish w/Ginger
Pork Rib w/BBQ Sauce
Steam Egg

Vermicelli Soup
Lo Han Vegetable
Garlic Chicken Cutlet
Fried Golden Fish w/Sauce
Deep Fried Wanton
Minced Meat Soup

Stir Fried Celery

Steam Fish Cake
Pork Rib w/Bitter-Groud ƤȦ
Braised Meat Roll

Bitter-Gourd Soup

Chye Sim w/Fish Cake
Braised Beancurd
Fish Fillet w/Bread Crumb ز
Vegetarian Char Siew
Szechuan Soup
Leek w/Tau Kau

Braised Pork w/Brinjal
Fried Fish w/Corn Sauce ը
Fried Fish Burger

Beancurd Soup
French Bean w/Carrot

Chicken w/Mushroom
Tomato Prawn (˿Ƥ)
Shredded Chicken with Vegetables and Mustard in Jelly Roll
Ұػ (ײ)
Cabbage Salad with Peanuts and Dried Shrimp
Sliced Braised Beef Shank with Soy Sauce
Sliced Drunken Goose with Ginger
ˮ÷¹ (¹A)
Chilled Venison Pork Jelly
Ʒ˿ (˿Ƥ)
Shredded Abalone with Apple, Jellyfish, Chicken and Cucumber
齴 (Ƥ)
Chilled Pork Kidneys with Jelly Noodles in Spicy Peanut Sauce
˿ (ǡ)
Spicy Lamb Belly with Leek and Red Pepper

˿ӱ (ץ)
Pan-fried Silk Pancakes
Pan-fried Scallion Pancakes
Pan-fried Dumplings with Shrimp, Ground Pork and Chive
Pan-fried Buns with Leek, Green-Bean Noodle and Dried Shrimp
Pan-fried Sliced Beef Shank in Pancake
Baked Buns filled with Sliced Beef Shank, Scrambled Egg and Vegetables
Steamed Dumplings with Vegetables
or with Ground Pork and Vegetables
or with Ground Beef and Vegetables
Stir-fried Minced Duck Meat in Lettuce Cup
Stir-fried Duck Bone with Bean Sprouts
Stir-fried Duck Bone with Basil and Ginger
Braised Duck, Tofu and Preserved Vegetables with Chicken Broth

Braised Duck Bone Congee Soup
㿾 (С)
Roasted Rack of Lamb with Cauliflower and Basil
ٺ÷¹ (¹Y, ٺ)
Stir-fried Sliced Venison with Scallions and Lily Buds
ϲ (Ƭ, )
Steamed Alligator Soup with Winter Melon and Ginger
°ͯ (ʺϺ, )
Stir-fried Riverimp Sugar Peas
«ȹ (ȹ, «)
Braised Turtle Belly and Asparagus with Oyster Sauce


ը (ţ⣯ɽ)
Braised Deep-fried Beef or Lamb
㿾 (С)
Roasted Rack of Lamb with Cauliflower and Basil
ٺ÷¹ (¹Yٺ)
Stir-fried Sliced Venison with Scallions and Lily Buds
ͲױϺ (ſסϺ)
Stewed Baby Abalone, Prawns and Chinese Medicine
б (⡢Ƥ)
Stir-fried Pork, Pork Kidney and Preserved Duck Egg
˫ʹ (Ƥļ˿̲ΡϺ)
Stir-fried Sea Cucumber, Shrimp, Jelly Noodle and String Bean
Stir-fried Shredded Pork or Beef with Sweet Bean Sauce

ʻ (̲ΡϺʡ֦Ƭ)
Stir-fried Seafood and Vegetables with Crispy Rice Cake
ϺƬ (磯ץ«)
Stir-fried Sliced Prawns with Pea Sprouts
or with Vegetables
or with Asparagus
Deep-fried Prawns with Chili Sauce
or with Salt and Pepper
or with Scallion Sauce
Steam Codfish with Scallion Sauce
or with Bean Crust Sauce
Stir-fried Crab with Chili Sauce
or with Sweet Bean Sauce
or Steamed with Ginger Sauce
Steamed Seasonal Live Fish in Old Fashion Style
Braised Yellow Fish with Garlic and Soy Sauce
or Deep-fried with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Ƭ (գץ㣯Ǵ)
Stir-fried Fish Fillet with Chili Sauce
or with Vegetables
or with Rice Wine Sauce
or with Vinegar Sauce
or with Sweet and Sour Sauce


Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallions
Stir-fried Eel with Vegetables in Brown Sauce

Stir-fried Conger with Bean Powder Noodles and Garlic Sauce
»Ʊ (»ơ)
Stir-fried Conger with Chives
Stir-fried Scallops with Dried Fish Chili Sauce
or with Celery and Vegetables
ױ (˾)
Stir-fried Baby Abalone and Peanuts with Chili Sauce
or Baked with Cheese

Ϻ (ͣأգ)
Stir-fried Lobster with Scallion Sauce
or with Garlic Sauce
or with Chili Sauce
or with Sweet Bean Sauce
ÿλ/ Per Person
зԭֻ ,
Braised Abalone with Crab Roe
̹ر ,
Braised Abalone with Oyster Sauce
Сų ,
Braised Sharks Fin Soup with Hair Seaweed
׼ų ,
Double Boiled Sharks Fin with Chicken and Cabbage
ѩ ,
Double Boiled Sharks Fin with Snow Frog Belly
ܽ ,
Double Boiled Birds Nest Soup with Egg White
Ұμ (ᡢ㡢˲Ƭ) ,
Stewed Sharks Fin, Abalone and Home-Run Chicken with Ginseng Soup

ţ˿ (бҰɱ)
Stir-fried Shredded Beef with Scallions
or with Fresh Ginger
or with Chili Pepper
Pan-fried Beef Short-Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce
Braised Ox-Tail in Soy Sauce
Stir-fried Beef Tripe with Garlic Sauce
Braised Beef Tendons with Soy Sauce in Casserole
ţ (ɽҩ֥)
Stir-fried Beef Tenderloin with Mountain Yam
or with Sesame
ţ (ţѼѪ嶹)
Braised Beef Intestine, Duck-Blood Cake and Leek with Spicy Chili Sauce

Stir-fried Shredded Pork and Mixed Vegetables in an Egg Omelette
籬 (⡢)
Stir-fried Preserved Pork and Leek with Red Chili Pepper
԰ (AƬݩƬ)
Stir-fried Sliced Pork with Vegetables
Ź (֭Ǵ)
Deep-fried Pork Chops with Orange Sauce
or with Sweet and Sour Sauce
ཷع (廨Ƭɡཷ)
Sauted Double Cooked Pork and Dried Beancurd with Mixed Vegetables in Chili Oil

Stir-fried Shredded Pork with Preserved Sour Cabbage
Stir-fried Pork Kidneys with Vegetables
ʳ (תƤץ)
Braised Pork Intestine with Soy and Shredded Ginger
or Deep-fried with Salt and Pepper
or Sauted with Vegetables
Deep-fried Pork Tenderloin with Salt and Pepper
or with Sweet and Sour Sauce
or with Winter Melon

Stir-fried Boneless Chicken with Chili and Vegetables
or with Sweet Bean Sauce
֥Ƥ (ȥǼ)
Deep-fried Boneless Chicken Leg with Sesame
Stir-fried Sliced Chicken with Egg White Sauce
Braised Shredded Chicken with Peas

Stir-fried Shredded Lamb with Scallions
Stir-fried Lambs Belly with Celery in Light Sauce
Braised Fillet of Lamb with Brown Sauce

Pan-fried Beancurd with Ground Pork and Scallions
Braised Tofu Casserole
Sauted Tofu and Crab Roe in Lotus Leaves
Stir-fried Tofu with Minced Pork in Spicy Bean Sauce
Braised Tofu with Shrimp
ҳ˶ (Ƭ)
Braised Tofu, Sliced Pork, Bamboo Shoots with Chili Sauce
˶ (Ƭ)
Braised Tofu, Slice Pork and Vegetables
Deep-fried Egg Tofu

Sauted Pea Sprouts with Minced Garlic
Stir-fried Kale with Minced Garlic
or with Oyster Sauce
Stir-fried Cabbage Heart with Dried Shrimp
or Braised with Cream Sauce
Sauted Bamboo Shoots and Mushrooms
(«񣯶) ɱ
Stir-fried Dried Scallops and Asparagus with Light Sauce
or with Winter Melon
Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables with Chicken Broth
Stir-fried Angled Luffa and Bamboo Fungus
or with Crabmeat
or with Lily Buds
ɱļ (ļ)
Stir-fried String Bean with Ground Pork
Sauted Eggplant with Dried Fish Chili Sauce
or with Minced Garlic

Seafood Hot and Sour Soup, Peking Style
Yellow Fish Soup with Spinach
Stewed Sea Cucumber Soup with Scallions

Stewed Mixed Seafood Soup with Mushrooms

Pork Meat Ball Soup with Vegetables
Abalone Soup with Minced Chicken
ܽз (з⡢)
Egg White Soup with Crabmeat and Vegetables
˿ (ˡײˡ˿)
Angle Hair Vegetable Soup with Ham, Bamboo Shoots and Shredded Pork

ʲȫҹ (ϺʡΡʸɱYײ)
Shrimp, Sea Cucumber, Scallops, Pork Loin and Cabbage Stew
Stewed Fillet of Lamb with Sugar Cane and Cabbage
׽ () ,
Yellow Fish in Hot and Spicy Stock
׹ (Ƭײ)
Stewed Preserved Sour Cabbage and Sliced Pork
ʲͷ (ͷʡײ)
Braised Fish Head, Seafood and Cabbage
Ͱײ˹ (ײˡˮ)
Braised Vegetable Casserole with Tofu in Cream-Milk Sauce
ϼӹ (⡢ײˡ)
Stewed Meatball Casserole with Vegetables and Tofu

ʳ (ݲˡΡϺʡ)
Spicy Noodle Soup with Seafood and Sour Cabbage
Stir-fried Noodles with Seafood
or with Beef
or with Pork
ը (ը) 
Wheat Noodles Tossed with Minced Pork and Soy Sauce

Noodles with Hot and Sour Soup
ֳ (ϺʡѸɳ)
Fried Rice with Shrimp, Kale, Raisins and Crispy Croutons
ȷ (⡢ඹл)
Fried Rice with Ham and Vegetables
Noodle Soup with Stewed Beef and Tomato
Cereal Congee

Sweet Milk Jelly with Coconut Cream
ƽ֥ (֥)
Sweet Black Sesame Soup

ѩ (ĩˮ)
Sweet Walnut Soup
Sweet Lotus Soup with White Fungus
ѩ (棯Ҭ֭) ,
Sweet Soup with Snow Frog Belly and Dates
or with Coconut Syrup
(棯Ҭ֭) ,
Sweet Soup with Birds Nest and Dates
or with Coconut Syrup
or with Ginseng
ʹ¶ (ʶļˮ)
Chilled Sweet Soup with Almond Tofu and Fresh Fruits

Sweet Pea Cakes
Rocking Donkey- Glutinous Rice Bun with Dates and Peanut Powder
Chilled Apple-Crab Cakes
Sweet Walnut Cakes
˿ (㽶ƻع)
Deep-fried Breaded Bananas, Apple or Sweet Potato with Cane Sugar
˿ (ɽҩ)
Deep-fried Mountain Yam or Lotus Seeds with Cane Sugar


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