abnormal duty 非常规职责
abolition of office 取消职位
abscondence 弃职
absence 缺勤;旷职;缺席
absence from duty 擅离职守
absence not counting as leave 不视作放取假期的缺勤
absence on leave 休假缺勤
absence without leave 擅离职守;未经请假擅自缺勤
absence without reasonable cause 没有合理因由而擅离职守
absence without reasonable excuse 没有合理辩解而擅离职守
absent with apologies 因事缺席
absorbed into stock 列为存仓物品
academic accreditation 学历评审
accelerated promotion 加速晋升;加速升级
acceptance of advantages and entertainment 接受利益及款待
acceptance of free service 接受免费服务
Access to Information Officer 公开资料主任
access to personal records 查阅个人记录
Accession Register [GF 39] 书籍登记册[通用表格第39号]
accommodation 办公地方;住所
accommodation allowance 住所津贴
Accommodation Allowance Scheme 住所津贴计划
Accommodation Circular 政府产业署通告
Accommodation Circular Memorandum 政府产业署通函
Accommodation Regulations 《政府产业管理及有关事务规例》
accountability 责任承担;问责制;问责性
accountable 具问责性
accountable allowance 实报实销的津贴;凭单据证明的津贴
accountable to . . . 向……负责
Accounting Circular 会计通告
Accounting Circular Memorandum 会计通函
accounting class 会计职类
accounting framework 会计结构
Accounting Officer 会计主任
accounting period 会计期
accreditation criteria 评审准则;认可准则
accrediting and validating agency 评审机构
accrued benefits 积累福利
accumulation limit 积累限额
accumulation of leave 积存假期
accused officer 被控人员
acknowledge receipt of . . . 认收
acknowledgement of inventory 认收货物
across-the-board pay increase 全面加薪;划一加薪幅度
acting 署理;署任
acting . . . in addition to his appointment 除本职外并署理……
acting . . . vice . . . 署理……以接替……
acting allowance 署理津贴;署任津贴
acting appointment 署理职位;署任
Acting Chief Executive 署理行政首长
acting for administrative convenience 署理职位以方便行政
acting office 署理职位
acting pay 署任薪酬
acting with a singling-out effect 署理职位以待选拔晋升;署理以待选拔晋升
acting with a view to substantive appointment 署理职位以待实任;署理以待实任
acting with a view to substantive promotion 署理职位以待实际升职;署理以待实际升职
acting-up 署理较高职级
action by . . . 由……办理;经办人:……
action checklist 复核备忘
action copy to . . . 供办事用的文件送交……
action plan 行动计划;行动方案;工作计划
action required 公事待办;待办公事
action taken 公事已办
action to be taken 公事待办
active duty 现役职务
active leave balance 假期总额
active record 常用档案
active service 实际服务期;实际服务
activity-based costing 以作业为本的成本计算
actual conflict 实际的抵触
actual expenditure 实际开支
ad hoc basis 专责性质
ad hoc committee 专责委员会
ad hoc group 专责小组
ad hoc proposal 特别建议
ad personam member 以个人身份获委任的委员
ad personam promotion post 专为个别任职者而设的晋升职位
ad personam promotion system 任职者个别晋升制度
additional pension 额外退休金;额外抚恤金
Additional Pension Paper [GF 29B] 额外退休金文件[通用表格第29B号]
additional post 额外职位;增设职位
adjudicating panel [for disciplinary matters] 纪律调查委员会
Adjudicator 审裁官
Administration Wing [Adm Wing] [Chief Secretary for Administration's Office] 行政署[政务司司长办公室]
Administrative Appeals Board 行政上诉委员会
administrative class 政务职类
administrative ethical practice 行政操守
Administrative Ethics Checklist 《衡量行政操守的准绳》
Administrative Fairness Checklist 《衡量行政是否公平的准绳》
administrative function 行政职能
administrative grade 政务职系
administrative guidelines 行政指引
Administrative Officer 政务主任
Administrative Officer, Staff Grade A 首长级甲级政务官
Administrative Officer, Staff Grade B 首长级乙级政务官
Administrative Officer, Staff Grade B1 首长级乙一级政务官
Administrative Officer, Staff Grade C 首长级丙级政务官
administrative order 行政训令
administrative practice 行政方式
administrative record [also known as housekeeping record] 行政档案[又称内务档案]
admonition 训诫
adopted child 领养子女
ADR Method [Alternate Dispute Resolution Method] 另类排解纠纷方法[“鲁仲连"方法]
advance of leave 预支假期
advance of salary 预支薪金
advance of vacation leave 预支例假
Advance Purchase of Excursion Tickets [APEX] 预购限期特价旅游机票
Advanced Certificate in Human Resources Management in the Public Sector 公营机构人力资源管理高级证书
Advanced I Examination [Civil Service Examinations Unit] 一级深造考试[公务员考试组]
advanced leave 预支假期
advancement 晋升;升级
advisory board 谘询委员会;顾问委员会
advisory committee 谘询委员会;顾问委员会
Advisory Committee on Post-retirement Employment 退休公务员就业申请谘询委员会
advisory letter 劝诫信
Aeronautical Communications Officer 航空通讯员
agency agreement 代理协定书
aggregate working hours 工作总时数
aggregation of leave passage allowance 合并使用度假旅费津贴
agreed establishment 议定编制
agreed procedure 议定程序
agreed time frame 议定时限
agreed timetable 议定时间表
Agreement of Charge [GF 195] 费用承担协议[通用表格第195号]
agreement officer 合同人员;合同公务员
agreement officer on annual leave terms 按年假条款雇用的合同公务员
Agreement on Government Procurement [World Trade Organization] 《政府采购协定》[世界贸易组织]
agreement terms 合同条款
agreement terms of appointment 合同聘用制
Agricultural Laboratory Technician 农业实验室技术员
Agricultural Officer 农业主任
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department [AFCD] 渔农自然护理署
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department Staff Association 渔农自然护理署职工会
Air Crewman Officer 空勤主任
Air Traffic Control Officer 航空交通管制主任
Air Traffic Flight Services Officer 航空交通飞行事务员
air-conditioning allowance 空气调节津贴
Air-Conditioning Inspector 空气调节督察
Aircraft Engineer 飞机工程师
Aircraft Technician 飞机技术员
Airport Authority [AA] [also known as Airport Authority Hong Kong] 机场管理局[又称香港机场管理局]
alimentary allowance 临时生活津贴
allocated stock item 已编配物品;自用物品
allocated stores 已编配物料;自用物料
allocated stores ledger 已编配物料分类帐
allocated stores return note 已编配物料回货单
allocated stores survey 已编配物料查核
allocation of responsibilities 分派职务
allocation warrant 拨款令
alternate chairman 候补主席
Alternate Dispute Resolution Method [ADR Method] 另类排解纠纷方法[“鲁仲连"方法]
alternate member 候补成员;候补委员
alternate Saturday-off system 长短周制度
Amalgamated Union of Government Technical Inspectors, Clerks of Works and Works Supervisors 政府工程督察及监督合并工会
Amalgamated Union of Highways, Drainage Services, Civil Engineering & Territory Development Departments' Engineering Staff 路政署、渠务署、土木工程署及拓展署工程人员合并工会
amalgamation of ranks 职级合并
Ambulance Officer 救护主任
Ambulanceman 救护员
amendment order 修订令
amendment sheet 修订散页
Amenities Assistant 康乐助理员
Amenities Officer 康乐事务主任
Amenities Officers Association 康乐事务主任协会
amount of annual reduction 全年扣减额
Analyst/Programmer 系统分析/程序编制主任
annex 附件
anniversary date 届满一年之日
annual allowance 年积金
annual allowance gratuity 年积酬金
Annual Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure 周年收支预算
annual increment 按年递加的增薪;按年增薪额
annual leave 年假
Annual Leave Detail Form 年假资料表格
annual leave eligibility period 年假资格周期
annual leave passage 年假旅费
annual leave terms 年假条款
annual paid-up pension 每年付足的抚恤金
annual pension 每年退休金;每年抚恤金
Annual Pension Claim Form 按年申领退休金/抚恤金表格
annual pensionable emolument 可供计算退休金的年薪
annual programme plan 年度纲领计划
annual registered pension 每年登记抚恤金
annual salary 年薪
aperture card 穿孔软卡片
APEX [Advance Purchase of Excursion Tickets] 预购限期特价旅游机票
appeal board 上诉委员会
appendix 附录
Application for Adjustment in Allowance [Home Financing Scheme] 调整津贴申请书[居所资助计划]
application for appointment 职位申请
Application for Collection of Quarters Furniture 宿舍家具回仓申请表格
Application for Leave [GF 62] 假期申请表[通用表格第62号]
Application for Local Education Allowance [GF 380 (Revised)] 本地教育津贴申请表[通用表格第380号(修订)]
Application for Medical & Dental Treatment [GF 181] 就医申请表格[通用表格第181号]
Application for Overseas Education Allowance [GF 425] 海外教育津贴申请书[通用表格第425号]
Application for Permission to Accept an Outside Appointment Following Retirement from Government Service 退休公务员请求准许接受外间机构聘用申请表
Application for Supply of Quarters Furniture 宿舍家具申领表格
application for transfer 调职申请
Application for Write-off under SPR 1070(a)(ii) [GF 403] 依据《物料供应及采购规例》第1070(a)(ii)条注销物料申请书[通用表格第403号]
Application for Write-off under SPR 1070(b)(iv) [GF 402] 依据《物料供应及采购规例》第1070(b)(iv)条注销物料申请书[通用表格第402号]
application procedure 申请手续
appointed day 指定日期
appointed member 委任成员;委任议员
appointment 聘用;聘任职衔;聘任;委任
appointment checking 入职审查
appointment held 聘任职位
appointment last held 离职时的职位
appointment on expatriate terms 按外籍雇员条款聘用
appointment on local terms 按本地雇员条款聘用
appointment on transfer 转职聘任
appointment on trial 试任;以试任条件聘用
appraisal 评估;评核;考绩
appraisal form 评核报告;考绩报告
appraisal interview 评核会见
appraisal period 评核期
appraisal report 评核报告;考绩报告
appraisal system 评核制度
appraisee 受评人;接受评核人员
appraiser 评核人;评核人员
appraising officer 评核人;评核人员
apprentice grade 学徒职系
apprenticeship 学徒训练
appropriate point below the minimum of the pay scale 低于起薪点的适当薪点
approval-in-principle 原则上批准
approved lending institution 认可贷款机构
approved manning scale 核准的人员编制比例
approved post 核准职位
approved scale of quarters furniture 批准家具发放额
Approved Schools List 核准学校名单
approving authority 授权当局;批核当局
approving officer 核准人员;批核人员
aptitude test 智能测验
arbitration procedure 仲裁程序
Architect 建筑师
Architectural Services Department [Arch SD] 建筑署
Architectural Services Department Architects' Association 建筑署建筑师协会
Architectural Services Department Landscape Architects Association 建筑署园林建筑师协会
Architectural Services Department Maintenance Surveyors' Association 建筑署屋宇保养测量师协会
Architectural Services Department Quantity Surveyors' Association 建筑署工料测量师协会
Architectural Services Department Structural Engineers' Association 建筑署结构工程师协会
archival record 具保存价值的档案
archives administration programme 历史档案管理计划
Archivist 政府档案处主任
area of specialization 专业范畴
area of work 工作范畴
Armourer 枪械员
arrival notice 到货通知书
Artisan 技工
Arts in Government Building Scheme 政府大楼艺术展览计划
Asian Ombudsman Conference 亚洲申诉专员会议
assertiveness training 坚定自信技巧训练
assessment panel 评核委员会
assessment panel mechanism 评核委员会机制
assessment test 能力鉴定测验
Assessor 评税主任
assignment of emolument 转付薪酬
Assistant Officer 惩教助理
assistant rank 助理职级
Assistant Registrar 注册主任
Assistant Shipping Master 助理商船海员管理主任
assisted homeward passage 补助回国旅费;资助回国旅费;资助回程旅费
associate member 准会员
Association of Assistant Principals of Government Secondary Schools 官立中学副校长会
Association of Assistant Social Work Officers (S.W.D.) 社会福利署助理社会工作主任协会
Association of Building Services Engineers of Housing Department 房屋署屋宇装备工程师协会
Association of Companies Registration Officers 公司注册主任协会
Association of Customs & Excise Service Officers 香港海关官员协会
Association of Expatriate Civil Servants of Hong Kong 香港海外公务员协会
Association of Female Senior Government Officers, The 女性高级公务员协会
Association of Government Calligraphists 政府缮校员协会
Association of Government Cartographic Staff 政府制图人员协会
Association of Government Cultural Services Assistants 政府文化工作助理员协会
Association of Government Education Administrators 政府教育行政人员协会
Association of Government Information Officers 政府新闻主任协会
Association of Government Land & Engineering Surveying Officers 政府土地工程测量员协会
Association of Government Local Land Surveyors 政府本地土地测量师协会
Association of Government Printing Officers 政府印务主任协会
Association of Government Secretarial Staffs 政府秘书职务人员协会
Association of Government Statisticians 政府统计师协会
Association of Government Supervisors of Typing Services 政府打字监督协会
Association of Government Survey Officers (Estate) 政府产业测量主任协会
Association of Government Technical and Survey Officers 政府工程技术及测量人员协会
Association of Hong Kong Civil Servants 香港政府公务员协会
Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff 香港护理员协会
Association of Hospital Administrators, Hong Kong 院务主任协会
Association of Insolvency Officers 破产管理主任协会
Association of Inspectors, Education Department 教育署督学协会
Association of Inspectors of Works and Works Supervisors of Housing Department 房屋署工程督察及监工协会
Association of Laboratory Assistants and Technicians in Education Department 教育署实验室助理员及技术员协会
Association of Labour Administrators 劳工行政人员协会
Association of Lecturers at the Hong Kong Institute of Education 香港教育学院讲师协会
Association of Liaison Officers, Home Affairs Department 民政事务总署联络主任协会
Association of Local Engineers of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department 机电工程署本地工程师协会
Association of Managers, Cultural Services 文化工作经理协会
Association of Police Communications Officers 警察通讯员协会
Association of Police Translators 警察翻译主任协会
Association of Principal and Senior Assistant Masters and Mistresses of Education Department 教育署首席及高级助理教席会
Association of Principals of Government Secondary Schools 政府中学校长协会
Association of Purchasing and Supplies Officers 物料采购及供应主任协会
Association of Scientific Officers (Medical) 科学主任(医务)协会
Association of Technical Officers (Cultural Services) 文化工作技术主任协会
Association of Technical Staff (HAD) 民政事务总署工程人员协会
Association of Trade Controls Officers (C & E Department) 香港海关贸易管制主任协会
Association of Water Meter Reading Staff 水务抄表职员协会
assumption of duty 就任;就职;上任
assumption paper 征求同意书;征求同意文件
A-stores: local landing charges 已编配物料:本地卸货费用
at centre 暂附;暂附本档
at discretion 酌情决定;自行决定;全权决定
at float 暂附;暂附档首
attach 随付;夹附于后
attainment test 造诣测验
attendance register 考勤簿;签到簿
attention [attn.] 经办人;请交……;请交……办理
attentiveness to duties 尽忠职守
attn. [attention] 经办人;请交……;请交……办理
auction list 拍卖物品清单
Audiology Technician 听力学技术员
audio-visual record 视听影音档案
Audit Commission [Aud C] 审计署
Audit Commission Auditors Association 审计署审计师协会
Audit Commission Examiner Grade Association 审计署审查主任级协会
Audit Department Clerical Staff Association 核数署文员协会
Auditor 审计师
authentication report 覆查报告;鉴定报告
authoritative response 有权力根据的答复
authorization of expenditure 批核开支
authorized absence 特许缺勤;经批准缺勤
authorized insurer 核准承保人
authorized signature 授权签署
authorizing officer 批核人员;批准人员;批签人员
automated search-aid system 自动化的检索辅助系统
automatic increment 自动增薪
Automatic Order System 自动订购制
Auxiliary Medical Service [AMS] 医疗辅助队
Auxiliary Medical Service Long Service Medal 医疗辅助事务长期服务奖章
Auxiliary Medical Service Long Service Medal--First Clasp 医疗辅助事务长期服务奖章──第一加 勋扣
Auxiliary Medical Service Long Service Medal--Gold Medal 医疗辅助事务长期服务奖章──金章
Auxiliary Medical Service Long Service Medal--Second Clasp 医疗辅助事务长期服务奖章──第二加 勋扣
Auxiliary Medical Service Long Service Medal--Third Clasp 医疗辅助事务长期服务奖章──第三加 勋扣
available date [quarters] 可供入住日期[宿舍]
average basic salary 平均基本薪金;平均底薪
average job size 职位价值平均数
average line 平均线
average merit increase 劳绩奖赏的平均增幅
average merit payment 平均劳绩奖赏
average monthly issue rate 平均每月发货率
average overall incremental increase 整体平均递增薪额
Awards Committee 奖励委员会
backdate 追溯
background brief 背景资料简介
backpay 补薪
baggage allowance 行李津贴
Bailiff 执达主任
Bailiff's Assistant 执达主任助理
Bailiff's Assistants Association 执达主任助理协会
balance 余额;积存总额
Bank Examination Assistant 银行审查助理
Bank Examiner 银行审查主任
bar-code label 条码标签
Bar-coding File Management System [BCFMS] 电脑条码档案管理系统
Bar-coding Non-file Records Management System [BCNRMS] 电脑条码非文件档案管理系统
barracks 营舍式宿舍
baseline expenditure 基线开支
baseline forecast 基线预测
baseline resources 基线资源
baseline review 基线检讨
basic charge 基本收费
basic Chinese language proficiency test 基本中文程度测验
basic entry rank 基本入职职级
basic entry system 基本入职制度
Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 《中华人民共和国香港特别行政区基本法》
basic leave 基本假期
basic off-the-job training 基本职外训练
basic pension 基本退休金;基本抚恤金
basic rank 基本职级
basic rate of leave 基本假期额
basic rule [Housing Loan Scheme] 基本规条[购屋贷款计划]
basic salary 基本薪金;底薪
Basic Training Package for Civil Service 《公务员基本培训套件》
basic vacation leave 基本例假
BBS [Bronze Bauhinia Star] 铜紫荆星章
b.c.c. [blind carbon copy] 特别副本送:……(正本并无注录)
BCFMS [Bar-coding File Management System] 电脑条码档案管理系统
BCNRMS [Bar-coding Non-file Records Management System] 电脑条码非文件档案管理系统
bearer memorandum 持来便笺;来人便笺
benchmark job 基准工作
benchmark rank 基准职级
benchmarking 订立基准
beneficial succession 继承实益
beneficial successor 实益继承人
beneficiary interest 受益人的权益
Best Practices in Human Resources Development Award [Civil Service Training and Development Institute] 人才培训典范奖[公务员培训处]
Bid Challenge System 投标投诉制度
bill 条例草案
bill of quantities 建筑工程量表;数量清单
bi-monthly stores 双月货
bi-monthly working stores table 常用物料双月支货表
Bin Card [GF 263] 仓卡[通用表格第263号]
blacklisted supplier 列入黑名单的供应商
blanket approval 整体批准
blind carbon copy [b.c.c.] 特别副本送:……(正本并无注录)
block release 整段时间给假调训;短期给假调训
block vote 整体拨款
blue bill 蓝纸条例草案
board of condemnation 废弃物品处理委员会
Board of Directors of the Surviving Spouses' and Children's Pensions Scheme 尚存配偶及子女抚恤金计划管理委员会
Board of Directors of the Widows and Orphans Pension Scheme 孤寡抚恤金计划管理委员会
Board of Review (Inland Revenue Ordinance) 税务上诉委员会
board of survey 调查委员会
boarding school allowance 寄宿学校津贴
bottom-up management 由下而上的管理
bracketed point 额外增薪点
branch office 分区办事处
breach of contract 违反合同
breach of trust 违反信托
break in service 中断服务
bridging-over arrangement 转职安排
briefing 简报;简报会
briefing material 简介;简报资料
briefing notes 简介;简报撮要
bring the public service into disrepute 使公务人员的声誉受损
bring up [b.u.] 按时呈阅;依期再提交本档;依期呈阅
British Supplementation Scheme 英国补助计划
broad comparability with the private sector 与私营机构薪酬保持大致相若
broad framework 主要纲领
broad-banded structure 广分职级结构
broad-banding approach 广分职级法
broadcasting and information class 广播与新闻职类
Broadcasting Authority [BA] 广播事务管理局
Bronze Bauhinia Star [BBS] 铜紫荆星章
b.u. [bring up] 按时呈阅;依期再提交本档;依期呈阅
budget 预算案
budget fare [air ticket] 特价机票
budgetary consideration 财政预算考虑因素
budgetary control procedure 预算管制程序
budgetary control system 预算管制制度
buffer stock 应急存货
Building Services Engineer 屋宇装备工程师
Building Services Inspector 屋宇装备督察
Building Supervisor 屋宇监督
Building Surveyor 屋宇测量师
Buildings Department [BD] 屋宇署
Buildings Department Local Building Surveyors' Association 屋宇署本地屋宇测量师协会
Buildings Department Structural Engineers' Association 屋宇署结构工程师协会
bulky store 大型物品仓
bureau secretaries 各局局长;各局首长
burial grant 殓葬补助金
Business and Services Promotion Unit [BSPU] [Commerce and Industry Bureau] 工商服务业推广处[工商局]
business process re-engineering 重整业务运作流程
business review 工作检讨;公务检讨
Butcher 牲口屠宰员
by circulation 以通告方式……;以书面形式……;以传阅方式……
by fax 传真文件;传真函件
by hand 专人送交;专人送递;面呈;专递文件
C, ICAC [Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption] 廉政专员
cabinet 档案柜
calendar day 历日
calendar month 历月
calendar year 历年
call circular 邀请提名通告;申请通告
call duty 候命职务
Calligraphist 缮校员
Calligraphist (CAC) 缮校员(廉政公署)
capitalize 拨作本金计算
CAPS [Craft Apprentice Pay Scale] 技工学徒工资等级;技工学徒工资等级表
Car Park Attendant I 一级停车场管理员
Car Park Attendant II 二级停车场管理员
carbon copy [c.c.] 副本送:……;副本分送:……;副本存:……
carbon copy . . . for information [c.c. . . . f.i.] 副本送……备考
card index 卡片式索引
career counselling service 职业辅导服务
career counselling session 职业辅导讲座
career development 事业前途发展;事业发展
career development structure 事业发展结构
career framework 事业发展结构
career planning 事业前途策划
career posting 职位调派;职位部署
career prospect 事业前途;职业前途;晋升机会
career structure 职制
careers exhibition 职业资料展览
careers talk 职业资料讲座
Cartographer 制图师
case conference 个案研讨会
case file 个案案卷
cash addition 现金补贴
cash coupon 代金券
casual entertainment 一般酬酢
casual labour 散工
casual leave 事假
casual leave earning rate 事假赚取率
casual worker 散工
category A officer 甲类人员
category B officer 乙类人员
category of employment 职业类别;行业类别
category of staff 职员类别
caution 告诫
c.c. [carbon copy] 副本送:……;副本分送:……;副本存:……
c.c. . . . f.i. [carbon copy . . . for information] 副本送……备考
CCGO [Central Cyber Government Office] 数码政府合署
CCGO Newsletter 《数码政府合署通讯》
CDSM [Hong Kong Customs and Excise Medal for Distinguished Service] 香港海关卓越奖章
cease acting 停止署理;停止署任
cease to be 免任;停任
Census & Statistics Department Field Officers & Statistics Supervisors Amalgamated Association 政府统计处外勤统计职员及统计督促主任合并协会
Census and Statistics Department [C&SD] 政府统计处
Census and Survey Officer 外勤统计主任
central clearing house mechanism [staff redeployment] 中央人手配对机制[员工重行调配]
Central Consultants Selection Board 中央顾问遴选委员会
central consultative council 中央评议会
central consultative machinery 中央协商制度;中央谘询结构
Central Cyber Government Office [CCGO] 数码政府合署
central depository 中央贮存库
central government practice 中央政府行事常规
Central Policy Unit [CPU] 中央政策组
Central Preservation Library for Government Publications 政府刊物中央保存图书馆
central records service 中央档案服务
Central Register of Establishments [CRE] [Census and Statistics Department] 机构记录库[政府统计处]
central services function 中央事务职责
Central Staff Suggestions Committee 中央公务员建议书审核委员会
Central Tender Board 中央投标委员会
Certificate for Student Fares 学生票价证明书
certificate of appreciation 嘉许书;嘉许状
Certificate of Assessment 评估证明书
Certificate of Attendance [overseas education allowance] 上课证明书[海外教育津贴]
certificate of commendation 奖状
Certificate of Compensation Assessment 评定补偿证明书
Certificate of Education Level Taken [overseas education allowance] 教育程度证明书[海外教育津贴]
Certificate of Handing Over by a Board [GF 240] 委员会移交存货证明书[通用表格第240号]
certificate of handling over stores 货仓转交证明书
certificate of merit 优良表现证书
certificate of proficiency 专修证书
Certificate of Review of Assessment 覆检评估证明书
Certificate of School Fee Paid [overseas education allowance] 已缴学校费用证明书[海外教育津贴]
certificate of service 服务证书
Certificated Master/Mistress 文凭教师
certificated sick leave 有医生证明书证明的病假;有医生证明书的病假
certified beyond economical repair 业经证实维修不合乎经济原则
certified copy 认证副本;经核证的副本
certified statement 认证报表
certified true copy 认证副本;经核证无误的副本
chain of command 统属关系
Chainman 丈量员
character check 品格调查
character evidence 品行证供
character witness 品德证人 
Chauffeur 贵宾车司机
Chauffeur (CAC) 贵宾车司机(廉政公署)
check-and-balance system 制衡机制
Chef 厨师
Chemist 化验师
Chief Electoral Officer [CEO] 总选举事务主任
Chief Executive 行政首长
Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority [CE, HKMA] 香港金融管理局总裁
Chief Executive in Council 行政首长会同行政会议
Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service 行政首长社区服务奖状
Chief Executive's Commendation for Government/Public Service 行政首长公共服务奖状
Chief Executive's Office 行政首长办公室
Chief Justice, Court of Final Appeal 终审法院首席法官
chief rank 主管职级
Chief Secretary for Administration [CS] 政务司司长
Chief Secretary for Administration's Office [CS's Office] 政务司司长办公室
Chief Staff Officer, Auxiliary Medical Service [CSO, AMS] 医疗辅助队总参事
Chief Staff Officer, Civil Aid Service [CSO, CAS] 人民安全服务处总参事
children's pension 子女抚恤金
China Studies Course 中国事务课程
Chinese Language Officer 中文主任
Chinese Language Officer (CAC) 中文主任(廉政公署)
Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong 香港中医药管理委员会
Chinese word processing facility 中文文书处理设施
Chiropodist 足病诊疗师
chronological order 按日期顺序;按年月顺序
CIM [computer input microfilm] 电脑输入缩微胶卷
circular memorandum 通函
circulate regularly 定期传阅
circulation list 传阅名单
circulation paper 传阅文件
Circumstances in which Pension may be Suspended, Cancelled or Reduced 《可暂停支付、取消或扣减退休金的情况》
Civil Aid Service [CAS] 人民安全服务处
Civil Aid Service Long Service Bronze Medal 人民安全服务队长期服务铜章
Civil Aid Service Long Service Gold Medal 人民安全服务队长期服务金章
Civil Aid Service Long Service Platinum Medal 人民安全服务队长期服务白金章
Civil Aid Service Long Service Silver Medal 人民安全服务队长期服务银章
Civil and Miscellaneous Lists--The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 《香港特别行政区政府各公务委员会及其它名表》
Civil Aviation Department [CAD] 民航处
Civil Engineering Department [CED] 土木工程署
Civil Engineering Department Local Geotechnical Engineers' Association 土木工程署本地土力工程师协会
civil establishment 文职人员编制
Civil Servants' Co-operative Building Society 公务员建屋合作社
Civil Servants' Finance Advisory Office 公务员财务谘询处
Civil Servants' Guide to Good Practices 《公务员良好行为指南》
civil service 公务员;公务员制度;公务员队伍
Civil Service Bureau [CSB] 公务员事务局
Civil Service Bureau Circular 公务员事务局通告
Civil Service Bureau Circular Memorandum 公务员事务局通函
Civil Service Careers Exhibition 政府职位资料展览
civil service code of conduct and discipline 公务员行为及纪律守则
Civil Service Common Recruitment Examination 公务员综合招聘考试
civil service consultative machinery 公务员协商制度;公务员谘询结构
civil service core 公务员核心职位
Civil Service Customer Service Award Scheme 公务员顾客服务奖励计划
Civil Service (Disciplinary) Regulations 《公务员事务(纪律处分)规例》
Civil Service Examinations Unit 公务员考试组
civil service framework 公务员结构
civil service housing benefit 公务员房屋福利
civil service housing benefit scheme 公务员房屋福利计划
Civil Service Integrity Programme 公务员廉洁守正计划
Civil Service into the 21st Century--Civil Service Reform Consultation document 《迈进新世纪──公务员体制改革谘询文件》
Civil Service Newsletter 《公务员通讯》
civil service pension reserve fund 公务员退休金储备基金
civil service post 公务员职位
Civil Service Provident Fund Scheme [CSPF Scheme] 公务员公积金计划
civil service public housing quota 公务员公共房屋配额
Civil Service Public Housing Quota Scheme 公务员公共房屋配额计划
Civil Service Reform 公务员体制改革
Civil Service Reform Newsletter 《公务员体制改革通讯》
Civil Service Regulations [CSR] 《公务员事务规例》
civil service remuneration package 公务员薪酬福利条件
Civil Service Starting Salaries Review 公务员入职薪酬检讨
Civil Service Training and Development Institute [CSTDI] 公务员培训处
Civil Service Walk for Charity 公务员百万行
civilian staff 文职人员
Claim for Overseas Education Allowance [GF 426] 申请海外教育津贴[通用表格第426号]
Claims Register [GF 207] 索偿记录册[通用表格第207号]
Claims Report [GF 296] 索偿报告[通用表格第296号]
class 职类
class of passage 旅费等级
class scale 职类工资等级
Classification of Correspondence and documents on Staff Matters 《有关人事问题的通信与文件的分类》
classified document 机密文件
CLC [Cyber Learning Centre] [Civil Service Training and Development Institute] 网上学习中心[公务员培训处]
clear a paper 审批文件
clear working day 完整工作日
Clerical Assistant 文书助理
Clerical Assistant (CAC) 文书助理(廉政公署)
clerical class 文书职类
clerical grade 文书人员职系
Clerical Officer 文书主任
Clerical Officer (CAC) 文书主任(廉政公署)
clerical staff 文书人员
Clerk of Works 工程监督
client department 委托部门
client service 向委托部门提供服务
client-based service 以客为本的服务
client-oriented approach 以客为尊的服务方式
Clinical Psychologist 临 心理学家
CLIP [Cyber Learning Incentive Programme] [Civil Service Training and Development Institute] 网上学习奖励计划[公务员培训处]
closed file 封存档案
closing date 截止日期
CMSM [Hong Kong Customs and Excise Medal for Meritorious Service] 香港海关荣誉奖章
coaching skill 指导技能
co-chairman 联合主席
Code of Conduct 《职员行为守则》
code of practice 操作守则
Code of Practice for Allocation and Management of Departmental Quarters 《部门宿舍分配及管理守则》
Code on Access to Information 《公开资料守则》
Code on Conduct and Discipline [Customs and Excise Department] 《品行及纪律守则》[香港海关]
collection and delivery point 收集和递交处
COM [computer output microfilm] 电脑输出缩微胶卷
combined establishment 合并编制
command structure 统领结构;指挥结构
Commandant, Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force 辅警总监
commendation 嘉奖
Commendation Committee 嘉奖委员会
commendation letter 嘉奖信
commendation scheme 嘉奖计划
Commerce and Industry Bureau [CIB] 工商局
Commission Against Corruption Investigator 廉政调查员
Commission Against Corruption Officer 廉政主任
Commission on Strategic Development 策略发展委员会
commissioned course 托办课程
Commissioner for Census and Statistics [C for C&S] 政府统计处处长
Commissioner for Innovation and Technology [CIT] 创新科技署署长
Commissioner for Labour [C for L] 劳工处处长
Commissioner for Narcotics 禁毒专员
Commissioner for Official Languages [COL] 法定语文专员
Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing [C for T&EL] 影视及娱乐事务管理处处长
Commissioner for Tourism 旅游事务专员
Commissioner for Transport [C for T] 运输署署长
Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption [C, ICAC] 廉政专员
Commissioner of Correctional Services [C of CS] 惩教署署长
Commissioner of Customs and Excise [C of C&E] 海关关长
Commissioner of Inland Revenue [C of IR] 税务局局长
Commissioner of Insurance [C of I] 保险业监理专员
Commissioner of Police [C of P] 警务处处长
Commissioner of Rating and Valuation [CRV] 差饷物业估价署署长
commitment 工作承担
committal proceedings 初级侦讯
Committee on Allowances 检讨津贴委员会
Committee on Civil Service Consultative Machinery 公务员谘询结构委员会
Committee on Community Personalities 推举贤能委员会
Committee on Staffing Arrangements 员工安排委员会
Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education 公民教育委员会
Committee to Review Job-related Allowances 检讨与工作有关连津贴委员会
common departmental D1 rank 部门内属首长级工资等级表第1点的共通职级
common grade 共通职系
common pension factor 共同退休金因子
common recruitment examination 综合招聘考试;公开招聘考试
Common Terms of Appointment and Conditions of Service [Common Terms] 划一聘用条款和服务条件[划一条款]
common user item 通用物品
Communications Controller 通讯控制员
community satisfaction 公众对政府服务满意程度
commutation 折算额
commutation factor 折算因子
commuted annual allowance gratuity 经折算的年积金酬金
commuted gratuity 经折算的酬金
commuted part of pension 退休金折算部分
commuted pension 经折算的退休金
commuted pension gratuity 经折算的退休酬金
Companies Registration Officer 公司注册主任
Companies Registry [CR] 公司注册处
comparable grade 相类职系;可资比较的职系
comparable job 相类职位
compassionate grounds 值得同情的理由
compassionate leave 恩假
compensation leave 补假
compensatory leave 补假
competency dimension 才能项目
competency model 才能项目方式
competency profile 才能纲要
competency-based approach 以才能为本的方式
competitive advantage 竞争性优势;可与其它……竞争的优点
competitive appointment system 竞争聘任制度
competitive examination 公开竞争考试;选拔试;淘汰试
complaint case 申诉个案
complementing and grading 员额补充及职级审订
completed tour 已完成的任期
completed years of service 已完成的服务年数
compulsory decantation 强制调迁
compulsory retirement 迫令退休
compulsory retirement on disciplinary grounds 因纪律理由而遭迫令退休
computer input microfilm [CIM] 电脑输入缩微胶卷
Computer Operator 电脑操作员
Computer Operator (CAC) 电脑操作员(廉政公署)
computer output microfilm [COM] 电脑输出缩微胶卷
Computerized Ordering System of Unallocated Stores [COSUS] 未编配物料的电脑化订货系统
conceptual framework 概念纲领
concessionary arrangement 特惠安排
concurrent appointment 同时委任
condemned goods 废弃货品
condemned stores 已报废物料;废弃物料
conditioned hours of work 规定工作时数;规定工时
conditions of service 服务条件
conditions of the public service 公务人员的服务条件
conduct calculated to bring the public service into disrepute 行为有损公务员声誉
Confidential Assistant 机密档案室助理
Confidential Assistant (CAC) 机密档案室助理(廉政公署)
confidential circular 机密通告
confidential file 机密档案
Confidential Memorandum of Understanding 机密协议备忘录;秘密谅解备忘录
confidential personal record 机密人事档案
confidential registry 机密档案室
confidential report 机密报告;机密评核报告
confirmation 确实聘任
confirmation in office 确任职位
confirmation increment 实任增薪点
confirmed officer 已获确实聘任的人员;实聘人员
confirmed to the permanent establishment 在常额编制中获得确实聘任的公务员;获确实聘任为常额编制人员
confiscated goods 充公货品
Confiscation Order [GF 83] 充公令[通用表格第83号]
conflict of interest 利益冲突
consolidated overtime allowance 合并逾时工作津贴
consolidated pay scale 综合工资等级
Consolidated Purchasing System 混合采购制
consolidation phase [Records Management Strategy] 巩固阶段[档案管理策略]
Constitutional Affairs Bureau [CAB] 政制事务局
construction class 建筑职类
Construction Industry Review Committee [CIRC] 建造业检讨委员会
Construction Industry Training Authority [CITA] 建造业训练局
Consular Corps 外国领事团
consultancy brief 顾问工作简介
consultancy service 顾问服务
consultancy skill 顾问服务技巧
Consultancy Study on the Civil Service Retirement Benefits System 公务员退休福利制度顾问研究
Consultation document on Civil Service Consultative Machinery 《公务员谘询结构谘询文件》
Consultation document on Civil Service Terms of Appointment and Conditions of Service 《公务员聘用及服务条件谘询文件》
consultation paper 谘询文件
Consultation Paper on the Review of the Policy on Provision of Departmental Quarters to Disciplined Services Staff 《检讨向纪律人员提供部门宿舍的谘询文件》
consultative document 谘询文件
consultative machinery 协商制度;谘询结构
consultative machinery at personal level 个人层面的谘询结构;个人层面的谘询制度
Consumer Council 消费者委员会
Consumer Services Inspector 用户服务督察
Consumer Services Inspectors' Association--W.S.D. 水务署用户督察协会
continue acting 继续署理;继续署任
continuous absence 持续缺勤;连续缺勤
continuous commitment 持续的责任
continuous contract 无间断合同
continuous leave 连续休假
continuous service 无间断服务
contract administration 合同管理;合同监管
contract administrator 合同管理人;合同监管人
contract award 合同判授
contract deposit 合同按金
contract gratuity 约满酬金
contract maintenance 合同维修工作
contract number 合同编号
contract officer 合同人员;合同公务员
contract out 批给外界承办;招商承办;外发包办
contract register 合同记录册
contract service 批给外界承办的服务;以合同招商承办的服务
contract staff 合同雇员
contract terms 合同条款
contractor 承办商
contractual activity 合同活动
contractual liability 合同责任
contractual obligation 合同规定的责任;约定责任
contractual requirement 合同要求
contribution 供款
contributor 供款人
contributory service 供款服务期
control index 统制索引
control sheet for contract items 合同物品统制记录单
controller 监督
Controller, Government Flying Service [C, GFS] 政府飞行服务队总监
Controller of Posts 邮务监督
Controller, Student Financial Assistance Agency [C, SFAA] 学生资助办事处监督
controlling officer 管制人员;批核人员;主管人员
conversion arrangement 转换职级办法;换算办法
conversion offer 转换职级建议
conversion table 换算表
Cook 炊事员
Co-operative Housing Scheme 合作建屋计划
Co-operative Supervisor 合作事业督察
co-opted member 增选委员;增补委员;推举委员;特别延聘委员
core competencies appraisal system 按关键才能评核工作表现的制度
core competency 关键才能
core grade 核心职系
core grade method 核心职系法
core principle 基本原则
core record 主要档案
core value 核心价值;部门的价值观
Coroner 死因裁判官
corporate culture 机构文化
corporate member 公司会员
corporate plan 整体计划
corporatization exercise 公司化计划
corporatization of public service 公共服务公司化
Correctional Services Department [CSD] 惩教署
corresponding pay range 对等薪幅
corresponding rank 对等职级
corresponding salary point 对等薪点
corrigendum 勘误;补遗
cost centre 成本中心
cost competitiveness 成本竞争力
cost of living allowance 生活津贴
cost of living change 生活费用变动
cost of living index 生活指数
cost planning 成本策划
cost-effective 具成本效益;具成本效用
cost-effectiveness 成本效益;成本效用
cost-effectiveness analysis 成本效益分析;成本效用分析
costing 成本计算
costing and accounting support 成本及会计方面的辅助工作
cost-recovery basis 收回成本方式
COSUS [Computerized Ordering System of Unallocated Stores] 未编配物料的电脑化订货系统
co-tenant 合租人
Council Chamber [Executive Council] 行政会议厅[行政会议]
Council for the AIDS Trust Fund 爱滋病信托基金委员会
Counter Record of Issues/Returns of Uniforms (100 Entries) [GF 292] 制服收发柜台记录册(100项)[通用表格第292号]
Counter Record of Issues/Returns of Uniforms (40 Entries) [GF 292A] 制服收发柜台记录册(40项)[通用表格第292A号]
countersign 加签;副署
countersigning officer 加签人员;加签人;副署人员
countersigning officer's assessment 加签人的评核
country of origin 原籍国;原居地
Court Interpreter 法庭传译主任
Court Interpreters' Association 法庭传译主任协会
Court Prosecutor 法庭检控主任
Court Prosecutors (Department of Justice) Association 律政司法庭检控主任会
Court Reporter 法庭速记主任
covering memorandum 随文便笺
Craft Apprentice 技工学徒
Craft Apprentice Pay Scale [CAPS] 技工学徒工资等级;技工学徒工资等级表
crash course 速修课程
CRE [Central Register of Establishments] [Census and Statistics Department] 机构记录库[政府统计处]
creation of a post 开设职位
creation of records 开立档案
credit leave passage allowance 度假旅费津贴结余
credit pool 后备人员小组
criminal record checking 刑事记录审查
crisis management 危机管理
critical stock position 存货短缺
cross posting 对调
crucial member [family] 家庭的主要成员
CSDSM [Hong Kong Correctional Services Medal for Distinguished Service] 香港惩教事务卓越奖章
CSMSM [Hong Kong Correctional Services Medal for Meritorious Service] 香港惩教事务荣誉奖章
CSPF Scheme [Civil Service Provident Fund Scheme] 公务员公积金计划
CSR [Civil Service Regulations] 《公务员事务规例》
CSTDI Training Officer Grade Association 公务员培训处训练主任级协会
Cultural Services Assistant 文化工作助理员
Curator 馆长
curtailment of leave 缩短假期
customer input 顾客意见
customer liaison group 服务联络小组;客户联络小组
customer satisfaction 顾客满意程度
customer service manager 顾客服务经理
customer service officer 顾客服务主任
customer service programme 顾客服务计划
customer service standard 顾客服务标准
customer survey 顾客服务调查
customer-based culture 以客为本的精神;以客为本的服务文化
customer-based service 以客为本的服务
customer-driven culture 以客为本的精神
Customs and Excise Department [C&ED] 香港海关
Customs Officer 关员
cut-off date 截算日期
cut-off point [allowance] 截分点[津贴]
Cyber Learning Centre [CLC] [Civil Service Training and Development Institute] 网上学习中心[公务员培训处]
Cyber Learning Incentive Programme [CLIP] [Civil Service Training and Development Institute] 网上学习奖励计划[公务员培训处]


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